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Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack

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Russell T

This back rack is well designed and works great!

Jon Mansfield

It’s a little heavy for a one person install. Beautiful equipment though


Product is very creaky. Make a lot of squeaking noise

Kevin Hum

High quality rack. Easy to mount and use.

2019 BMW X3


Wish they would include cross bars as most mountain bikes don't have a level top tube. So, have to buy separately.

2018 Ford Expedition

Charles Hitzeman

Great product, I like the new features. I have older model, approximately 8 years old. I can't fit 3 different size frame bikes on anymore. I need to get a new rack. New lock assembly is good. Construction, quality is great. New lock down fasteners great. However you need to have 4 of the same bikes to fit. If you mix frame sizes, doesn't work so well.

2018 Lincoln Nautilus


Overall I'd say this rack is "really good". I feel a bit frustrated that my son's Rocky Mountain bike (24" frame) won't fit on the rack (the frame is too small to get over the posts). I'm gonna try one of the Yakima Top Tube adapter things to hopefully address. Rack feels strong and sturdy, easy to get big bikes on and off. The click-strap things are great and so much better than the previous iteration. Surprised they only include a single nylon strap for tying off the front wheels of the bikes to prevent wheel spin and handlebar spin. I have a few small annoyances with the way the speed knob works and is designed, but nothing that would stop me from purchasing. Really love how easy it makes it to have full access to the back of our truck (tailgate down etc.) without having to pull off the rack or pull the bikes off the rack. It's a really nice looking product that several people comment on (if you care about that sorta thing)

2015 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Crew


Ordered online and the product was delivered quickly. No problems.

C Bell

The Fullswing has a solid construction. I've only used it a couple of times, but I like the operation. The quick pin and tension mount on the hitch bar are easy to install which is nice because it is a little heavy to be moving it to align the pin in the hitch.( as I plan on removing it from the vehicle when not carrying bikes) The convience of the swing away mechanism is a must have for my Van for loading and camping. It makes things easier. Kids bikes will not fit on without buying the additional Yakima Tubetop adapter which I was aware of. The built in bike cable lock makes things easy and look clean. The lock on the hitch bar seems solid and works well. I went with the Yakima over the Thule Apex because the hitch bar that inserts into the hitch itself is shorter on the Yakima from what I measured and fit my Van without any modification. Overall -very happy so far.

1984 Volkswagen Vans (Westfalia) (ca


I love this bike rack, easy to setup, easy to install and easy to use!!!!

2019 Volvo XC40

Klaus Katzsch

Great bike rack . Handles 4 bikes with no problem . Should last forever. Well built & engineered. A little heavy thou. Some people might struggle mounting it to the hitch . I love the Zip clips to secure the bike to the rack . Very easy !

2013 Audi Q7


Very good for road bikes. Not good for full suspension mountain bikes. Very well built. However I think the literature needs to be more open that almost all full suspension mountain bikes will need a tube adapter. I fell into this because all my previous bike racks have been workable with my mountain bikes, so I was surprised that this recently designed top of the line rack from Yakima -simply was not workable.

2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter


Easy to install. Ten minutes and the carrier was on and hauling my bikes.


This is a typical Yakima product: well designed, well engineered, and extremely well built. The swing away feature allows me to climb into my truck bed/camper shell without removing the bike. Swinging the rack out and back is EXTREMELY easy, and the rack, when installed properly, is very stable. The "speed knob" for tightening the rack into the hitch receiver gets VERY difficult to turn as the anti-rattle wedge approaches desired fit to avoid rack rattle and "play". I use (and recommend) a "strap Wrench" to further tighten and loosen the speed knob, and I simultaneously rock the rack up and down for the anti-rattle wedge to seat fully. Also, the rack is VERY heavy and installing and removing it can be very difficult. I took a wooden "furniture dolly" with casters, and modified it to act as a "cart" to receive and store the rack in my garage. I wish I could post photos here! My Toyota Tacoma is heavy duty, but I expect installing this very heavy rack on a much lighter vehicle might weigh the back end of the car down, causing the front end of the car to rise, which can affect steering and handling.

2000 Toyota Tacoma


Great bike rack. I received in about 3 business days from ordering. There was was a small amount of cosmetic damage and Rack Attack responded quickly and gave me a couple of options. This rack was available at many places for the same price, but the customer service that I received will make me a return buyer!

2010 Ford Flex

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