Rack Guides

If you're looking to learn all about vehicle racks then you've come to the right place. Below you'll find links for our expertly written rack guides.

If you just want to find a specific type of rack for your vehicle give our Rack Wizard a spin!

Base Roof Rack Guide
The two bars running across your roof. All roof rack accessories and carriers mount to your base roof rack.
Bike Rack Guide
Everything you need to know about carrying your bikes on your vehicle.
Kayak Rack Guide
The hardest part about kayaking is getting your boat on your car. Let us help you with that.
Ski & Snowboard Rack Guide
Keep your skis, and the snow, outside your vehicle where they belong.
Rooftop Car Tent Guide
The most convenient way to camp! Here's everything you need to know about Rooftop Tents.
Cargo Box Guide
What Cargo Box is best for you? Head to the luggage box guide to find out!
Cargo Basket Guide
For the more rugged users out there, a Cargo Basket is essential to your offroading needs.
Cargo Bag Guide
The quickest way to add a little storage. Here's our guide to rooftop cargo bags.
Canoe Rack Guide
Sure, you could just throw your canoe on your roof, tie it down, and hope for the best. Or you can read our guide and be sure to keep you and your boat safe!
Bike Parking Rack Guide
Ever wonder how people find those bike racks you see outside of stores and homes? Here. They found them right here.
Rack Locks & Accessories Guide
The unfortunate truth: there are theives out there. Lock your racks and keep what's yours, yours.
Child Carriers Guide
Having a kid will never stop you from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. See what child carriers help support your active lifestyle.
Trailer Hitch Guide
A trailer hitch is, without a doubt, the best way to carry bicycles and expand the overall utility of your vehicle.