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Thule EasyFold XT Platform Bike Rack

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We replaced a super heavy system that required my wife and I just to attach it to our car. Now, with the EasyFold, it can be a one-person job. That happens occasionally. if one of us gets a flat on our bike, the other rides home to get the car and bike rack. I also run the BC ebike Riders Facebook group and recommend this bike rack to all our members.

Tim C

Excellent product...very user-friendly - even for us 70 somethings!?? JIM (not TIM) and Cathy Crawford

Cary H

Very, very, very overpriced. Our fat-tire ebikes just barely fit on. Straps were too small. We had to pay extra ($1000 cdn, really?), for the longer fat-tire straps. Too bad we were "backed into a corner" and had to buy this Thile rack. There have to be better, cheaper options.

Paul W

This rack comes fully assembled and the online videos showing its installation and use made everything so simple. The fact that it stores so small and is so easy to take off and put back on as needed are great benefits. The only reason for providing only 4 stars is that the recommended protector for a carbon frame bike is an accessory that must be purchased separately. For the price of this rack, these protectors should have been provided as part of the rack, especially considering how common carbon frames are today.

James Q

Great rack Thule engineering is amazing... Once you get your bikes loaded to your satisfaction... take a pic and then you will never have to guess again...


I had a hitch install done and decided on a Thule Easyfold XT bike rack. I sold my old Thule T2 rack which was over 12 years old. The improvements in 12 years are many.The Easyfold has a tool less install / uninstall, hitch and bike locks. Once installed there is no rattling or movement of the rack even with 2 bikes on it. It is of a very sturdy construction. It easily folds up to a carry-on size bag, has wheels and weighs significantly less than my old T2, I can easily carry it. It leaves me with a lot of extra storage space in the garage. There are negatives however. We have 2 dual suspension Specialized Mountain bikes one is X-small and the other is a large E-bike. My expectation was I could easily ride my bike up the ramp and secure it up on my own. Due to the flatness and shortness of the rack and the long wheel base of the E-bike, it is easy to roll the front wheel off the rack since there is no wheel basket. For a second bike it was a chore to attach the clamps and find a place for the clamp arms to pass thru the first bike. It took us a while to find a good bike /clamp arrangement. In the end I am happy with my purchase and my wife can flip 2 bikes on their sides to open the tail gate and move them back upright, remove ,carry, and install a hitch. If you do not use your hitch often as we do, take photos with your phone to remember the bikes and clamping positions.

2022 Mazda CX-5

Donald P

Customer left only a rating.

Keith W

just what the doctor ordered. fast installation and i was off on my bike adventure

ehor b

Customer left only a rating.

Justin S

This is the best overall rack I have owned. Although expensive it is rock solid. Can hold two eBikes with ease. Perfect for bikes with fenders.

Ian M

Love the transportation wheels for moving it around on the ground. The carrier is a bit challenging to lift it up to the tow bar as it is heavy and a little bit awkward. Sets in great and fastens securely to the tow bar. The hitching mechanism doesn't rattle when you're driving. With the built-in storing ramp, it's easier to load the heavy electric bike. Bikes load securely with no rattling either. The locking mechanism allows you to lock (the hitch to the vehicle and bikes to the carrier. The lock mechanism is a bit difficult to insert the key, I'm hoping that they will smooth out as the locks get used.


Very easy to assemble and use. Perfect for heavy ebikes.

Judi G

The ramp is NOT stable. I only weight 110 and am 73 yrs old. My e-mtn bike weighs 54 pounds. It is still extremely difficult for me to load my bike since the ramp does not stay in place. The ramp locks in place but when you go to push the bike up it moves all around. In addition my bike is a stepover bike and it is almost impossible to put it in the tray closest to the car. The clamp doesn't quite fit tight enough for me to drive around with a $7,000 bike on it. I have to put it in the tray closest to traffic. Ugh.....................

Sharon F

Love the Thule EasyFold Bike Rack. I am a 76 year old senior and needed a bike rack for my Ford F150 pickup ~ one that I could get a heavier electric step-through bike loaded on. This rack, although more expensive, seemed to be my best option. It comes fully assembled and is easy to attach to the truck hitch receiver. Attaching the ebike to the rack is very simple. My only problem is the ramp that comes with it is too short for use with a higher vehicle, like my truck; I have now ordered the longer 53" ramp which is also available from Rack Attack.

Pierre G

Customer left only a rating.

Eric w

We looked online at several Racks that would work for our expensive Electra Townie ebikes and the Thule Easy Fold is the best way to go for us. We won’t get to use it til spring, but we are very pleased so far.

James G

Great rack-already assembled and really easy to use

Brad F

Very well built, easy to use

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dale Martin

I have an appointment Friday at 10 am that I made with Trevor, Aaron was great with initial help, I am bringing the Thule rack in for a fitting, my Evelo Ebike is not a great fit for the rack, with its frame, and I need help figuring our how I'm going to be able to attach my2nd bike a Haibike on the rack at the same time with the Evelo? Thank you, Dale Martin 4/05/20

2014 Porsche Cayenne

Chris W

Rack is awesome. Easy to install, no tools required. Loaded two ebikes, including one fat tire juggernaut bike, with no issues. Bikes do not move traveling. Easy access to SUV rear gate with step handle to lower. Expensive rack but worth it for the overall product usage.

2016 Toyota 4 Runner 4dr

Lesley Smith

Love it!

2017 Mazda CX-3

Andrew C.

It’s a nice bike rack, if you have a couple standard sized bikes or Ebikes. I have 2 Fat Tire Ebikes which are too wide. I had to exchange it for the Thule T2 Pro XT, perfect for Fat Tire bikes!


Excellent hassle free service. Thank you.

2017 Subaru Outback Premier Wago


Amazing design and quality. Right out of the box easy. To. Install into trailer hitch. The wheels make it easy to roll from garage to car. The ramps make it ez to load my 70 pound electric bikes


Purchased for electric bicycles. The rack is Well made, strong functional and easy to use. I like the locking features and the additional folding ramp.

2019 Ford Ranger Super Cab 4dr

Big Wy

Wish it would stow shallower, but another great product.

2018 Subaru Outback Wagon

J Antal

Love the rack. Weight seemed intimidaitng at first but the wheels make it easy to roll up and attach.


Buyer beware! Holds the bikes securely and easy to load HOWEVER we were stopped on the highway and informed that the rack was covering our license plate AND the bikes were covering our turn/indicator signals. So this rack is not legal for use in Canada! Buy the upgraded rack that holds a license plate and independent signal lights. Avoid a rear end collision and a big ticket.

2014 Mazda CX-5


Fast delivery. Holds my two Rad ebikes without touching. A lot of up and down shake on bumps. I think that something is going to snap but three short trips no problem. Ramp no worth squat almost breaks. I had to pay an extra $20 for larger straps for the 4 inch tires. Just make the straps longer or throw in some

2011 Kia Sorento


Delivers on its promises. Well built and smart design. Great engineering!

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