Car Tent Accessories

If you already have a rooftop car tent, then you don’t need to be told about the convenience it adds to your adventurous lifestyle. Below you’ll find our selection of car tent accessories to expand on the utility and convenience of your roof tent. Even something as simple as an Annex to give yourself a space to store outside gear, change, or even just get out of the sun/rain can bring your overlanding experience to new levels.

46 Items
iKamper Annex - Skycamp
iKamper Shoe Rack
Yakima EXO BackDeck
Thule Tepui Explorer Kukenam Annex 3 - Haze Gray 4 Options
By Thule Tepui
Tepui Kukenam Annex 3
FROM: $339.95
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iKamper Insulation Tent - Skycamp
By iKamper
iKamper Insulation Tent - Skycamp (Open Box Available)
FROM: $269.10
iKamper Canopy Poles
iKamper Wind Deflector
Thule Shoe Organizer
iKamper Annex - Skycamp 2X
Thule QuickFit 3.1m (Medium)
Yakima SideKick Shoe Bag
iKamper Annex - X-Cover
Thule Tepui Annex for Ayer 2 - Haze Gray 2 Options
By Thule Tepui
Tepui Annex for Ayer 2
FROM: $289.95
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iKamper Rain Canopy
iKamper Storage Rack
By iKamper
iKamper Storage Rack