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Yakima HighRoad (2017-2023)

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13 Customer Reviews

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Lauren L

Customer left only a rating.

Martin H

Installed quickly (5 minutes), easy to use and holds bike securely. Happy with purchase.


Very easy to use and fits after market rails on high bars over Tonneau cover on truck bed.

2016 Ford F 150 Pickup 4dr Sup


Easy to install and use!


High quality product that is very versatile when carrying bikes. Only downside is the length. Can't Carry a 29er DH bike for sure. My current 29er trail bike with a 1186mm wheel base uses the maximum length this rack offers. Anything longer and the rear tire would it too far back and not strap in properly.

2009 Mazda 3 5dr

Phil S

easy to mount and use, bikes are stable at highway speed

2017 Subaru Impreza WRX / STI 4d

Lonnie L Burns

Good quality product, not the easiest to load.

2018 Toyota 4 Runner 4dr

Mike H

Racks seem to work great, no issues so far. Removing one point as you really have to shake the bike to make sure it's firmly in the rack. I've had a couple instances where once I shake it a bit, I can get it a couple turns tighter. Once it's in though, it's very solid. Very low noise from these racks.

2019 BMW 3 Series Wagon

J.T. Miller

Well thought out rack. Easy to use and holds well. Wish the cable locks were longer as I can really only reach the rear tire and triangle on most bikes and maybe catch the frame on others. Other than that I really like the quick easy set up and install and clean low profile look.

2016 Ford F 150 Pickup 4dr Sup

J.T. Miller

Bought these after using a set on a friends car. So far these are the best thought out racks for today's needs. No contact with the frame either for odd shape or delicate finishes. Well thought out features . like the integration of the locking cable.

2016 Ford F 150 Pickup 4dr Sup


Super easy to install and use. Very sturdy. Overall length very short so it doesn't interfere with the hatch. Very pleased so far. Rack Attack sent them quickly for free.

2014 Nissan Pathfinder 4dr


Easy first-time installation, super easy subsequent installations. Very easy bike mounting. Gave it 4 stars because I think the cable locking system is goofy. Why not put a lock on the tightening knob? More effective, simpler, and easier to use.

cole callahan

Holds my bike so steady, even when I drive fast. Also super easy to put on and take off the car. So psyched to have this instead of a trunk rack.

2016 Volkswagen GTI 5dr

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