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Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike
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  • Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
  • Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
  • Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
  • Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
  • Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
  • Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
  • Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
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Rating of 3.0/5 on 5 reviews
Product Code: 202463
Price: $499.00 USD

Status: In Store Only
"Unparalleled service, expert advice, and professional installation."
- Ryan D. Martin CEO Yakima
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The Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike

Yakima Hitch Mount Bike Rack

The Yakima FullTilt 5-Bike is here to get your biking adventure on the road. Fully assembled with fully padded arms make this one trusty carrier. Just SpeedKnob this puppy into your hitch, load your bikes with new ZipStrips and you are good to go.


  • UpperHand control lever is positioned on top of unit for easy tilt-out hatch access
  • Fully padded arms help protect bikes and provide extra loading options
  • Comes with fully integrated security. Locks bike to rack and rack to vehicle (SKS Lock Cores included)
  • Zero-hassle ZipStrips easily secure your bike to the carrier
  • Integrated SpeedKnob for tool-free installation
  • Comes pre-assembled out of the box. Folds flat for easy storage
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Fits 1.25" (Class 2 Min 3500 LB tow capacity) and 2" hitch receivers


Weight: 56lbs

Length (carton): 48"

Width (carton): 15.25"

Height (carton): 12.75"

UPC: 736745024635

Manufacturer: Yakima

Manufacturer Part Number: 8002463

Yakima Warranty and Registration

Yakima warranty and product registration.

Yakima Warranty and Registration

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So far so good! I have only traveled with one bike on the rack so far. The real test will be when our 4 bikes are being transported.


Did not realize the tensioner (red button) had to be turned all the way left. Duh. Was trying to put rack into my hitch with it turned right. Instructions mentioned nothing. After much searching online I figured it out. I'm 5'2. Took it out box and put it on myself. Drove to central Oregon with 2 hybrids, 1 road and 1 mountain bike. Need tube tops for the hybrid and mountain. Worked well. So far happy with my purchase. My husband likes the bottle opener. Rackattack pricematched. Happy momma.

2010 Mercedes Benz GL Class


dont buy !! -- one of most popular women's bikes sold wont fit properly on this rack. didnt figure this out until we went to use it for the first time a couple months after buying the rack. Rack Attack customer service didnt care that the rack had never been used -- we were told, outside 30 day return window and no original box -- sell it on Craigslist (yes, thats what they actually said). Suggestion - just shop on Amazon where returns/exchanges are never a problem.


Great rack, love the fastening system and great to take friends along as there is plenty of space. However it is heavy to lift and install.

2010 lexus 450h


Should have rated a 0, but didn't want to be completely negative. I am a long time Yakima user but I guess I need to move on. I sold my dependable Yakima Flipside 4 for this rack since now we needed a 5 bike rack. This was a mess from the start; rack arrived with no accessories (zip straps, lock keys, instructions and wheel strap). Could have been Rackattack's mistake since they opened the box to add a tube top extender so parts may have been removed. Putting this on the vehicle was difficult, hard to line up and insert in the hitch receiver. Once in the receiver securing system is awful, why not have a bolt go through like the old racks so you can tighten to the receiver? Plus the fact that a 5 bike is built to fit a 1-1/4" receiver made this support arm very weak, that combined with the lousy tightening system is a disaster waiting to happen. I can see that this will loosen over a long trip and cause excessive bouncing and damage. I know when I mounted this in the receiver there was allot of play in the rack already from the hitch receiver all the way up to the extended arms. The tilt mechanism had way too much play in it so the bikes bounced around way too much. The zip strips are a great idea but need to be way longer, they only fit a standard old fashion thin tubed bike and the Yakima tube top extender was useless, they don't fit any bike you actually need them for. I will be returning this after seeing the many issues and potential for failure during use. I hope Rackattack gives me my money back and doesn't try to charge me a re-stock fee especially with all the issues I had regarding the loose accessories on this purchase.

2011 GMC Acadia


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions for this product. If you need more assistance you can email a rack-install technician, or call us at: 1-877-432-8301

No! Any tools required for installing this rack product come included in the box!

Rack Attack sells three types of hitch bike racks. The first is a hanging racks where the bikes sit upright. These racks will carry pretty much any bikes under the weight limit. The second type of bike rack is a platform rack where the bikes mount via the tires. These racks can carry any bikes under the weight limit as long as your tires aren't too fat to fit into the cradles. The final type of bike rack we sell is a hanging rack. Two-arm hanging racks can cause difficulties with some frames, wo

This rack doesn't offer rear vehicle access out of the box. However, if your trailer hitch is 2" you can use the Yakima Backswing to add this feature to the rack. Just note the 250 lbs BackSwing weight limit.