Child Carriers for Your Active Lifestyle

You like to walk, hike, run, and bike: having a kid doesn't mean you need to change a thing!

Rack Attack offers a large selection of premium Child Carriers to fit your lifestyle. These include Child Carriers, Strollers, Child Bike Trailers & Child Bike Seats.

It really just comes down to where you want to go with your child, and how your want to get there!

Child Carriers

If you often find yourself off the beaten path, a backpack style child carrier lets you bring your baby on your back in place of your pack!

Not only is your child safe and secure, but your hands are free letting you hike without compromise.


There are two main types of strollers available. We have strollers made for city living, and we have strollers made for those who like to get off the pavement.

Below are some of our favorite strollers of both types. Take a look to find what's best for your lifestyle.

Child Bike Trailers

Securely strap your kid into their comfortable little seat, and jump in the saddle. These bike trailers make riding with your child simple and comfortable for all!

Child Bike Seats

If towing a trailer isn't your thing, we have a selection of child bike seats so you can bring your kid right along with you.