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Ambassador Spotlight - Peter Disera

Ambassador Spotlight - Peter Disera

It’s time again that we put the spotlight on another one of our great Brand Ambassadors. Another friend from Canada, today we are introducing you to Peter Disera. Peter Is a professional XC Mountain bike racer based in beautiful British Columbia. We’re fortunate enough to have been partnered with Peter from his days riding in Ontario and have followed him along his adventures as he’s competed around the globe!

Peter Disera | @petey__d

Headshot in outdoor space


Peter Disera


2013 VW Golf Wagon TDI


Kuat Sherpa 2.0 - Metallic grey

Active Lifestyle

Biking - gravel, road, XC and trail Skiing

….& lots of travelling. 

Headshot in outdoor space

How did you get into the outdoor space?

Being a Professional XC mountain bike racer means a lot of time to enjoy the outdoors.

Always been outdoors; I started with high-performance sports in alpine skiing and quickly transitioned to cycling. 

Now, I train and ride full-time and get out in all the weather Vancouver Island offers. Cycling has such a unique connection to the outside. Any given week, I'll find myself in the woods during torrential rain, with mist and fog packing me in; or on the road, rolling down the coast looking at mountains across the straight; or way out there on a logging road in search of the snow-line. With the Sherpa, I can go further, find more, and explore greater. Albeit, my car isn’t the typical Rack Attack off-road exploring “rig,” but that’s where fitness comes in - when the pavement ends, the biking begins.

Travel/MTB tips and tricks?

If you are carrying mountain bikes, put your dropper post down - your bikes will fit much nicer on the rack! 

General cycling tip: EAT! Make Sure you eat on your rides and adventures - carbs. Your day will be much more enjoyable! aha

What's your favourite place you’ve visited?

One of my favourite places in the world is a small country in the Pyrenees called Andorra. The mountains are huge, accessible, and have a beautiful array of hiking, mountain biking, road biking, and skiing - the whole works. 

Locally, I’ll never forget the first time I drove the Duffy. A few years later did some camping and riding up there. BC is beautiful! 

Headshot in outdoor space

We're exicted to have Peter on our team and continue to support him in all of his adventures! Follow Peter and us on social media if you havn't already to see all the latest updates and things going on in the outdoor world!

Keep up with Peter, and his adventure’s on Instagram and his website.