Saris 4414B Freedom 4-Bike Black

Saris 4414B Freedom 4-Bike Black
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Rating of 4.9/5 on 7 reviews
Product Code: 304414B
Price: $539.99
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When you need a rack for the whole family, the Saris 4414B Freedom 4-Bike Black is the answer. Whether you have a kid's bike, a women's frame, a cruiser, a tri-bike - or all of them - the Freedom 4-bike is the rack for you!


  • Carries 4 bikes, up to 35 lbs. each
  • Protective rubber holders adjust to fit all bike down tubes
  • Easy-to-adjust ratcheting straps keep bikes secure
  • Fits 2" hitches out of the box
  • Tilts down for fast access to rear of vehicle
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Note: Saris hitch racks require the minimum distance from the center of the hole in the receiver box to the end of the hitch needs to be 1-3/8” for proper fit.


Weight: 53lbs

Length (carton): 48"

Width (carton): 19.5"

Height (carton): 8.75"

UPC: 012527008889

Manufacturer: Saris

Manufacturer Part Number: 4414B

Saris Warranty

Saris warranty information

Saris Warranty

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I bought my freedom 4 the spring of 2014. I loved how easy it was to assemble though a few words rather than smiley faces and sad faces would have been helpful.I had no problem setting it up for my bike or any of the multiple times I loaded 3 other friends bikes on it. It works great for our road bikes, mountain bikes and kids bikes.I have never had another rack that I could put three different types of bikes on without a problem. All of this without help from my husband.


I am a petite lady with a number of kids and adult bikes that need dragging around to trails and bike parks. I used it yesterday with a mix of the two different bike types and it worked great! Easy to get on the car, bikes went on and off easily. I do think it should have locks included. The price was good too!


Bought this Freedom 4 last summer along with four new bikes for the whole family. No more excuses. Get out there. We've done a few day trips, leisure rides and some off road trails last year. Looking forward to getting out there again, maybe next weekend. Snow finally all gone. Our Saris bike rack has made it all possible. It is a little heavy but very solid and holds our 4 adult bikes. (Parents and two teenagers) It did take a few tries to configure the bikes to sit without touching and now with the new season starting, remembering the correct order, but once I got it I was able to get them on in ten to fifteen minutes and that includes getting the bike rack on the truck. But don't rush. check and double check everything. You don't want to miss a locking pin or strap. It was very convenient to be able to recline the rack and get into the back of our truck without taking the bikes off. Don't get me wrong, it is heavy fully loaded. You may need some help to get it back up. But that's what family is for. I bought a 15 ft. bike cable to secure all tires and frames to the rack and the trailer hitch and a locking pin for the hitch so we can leave the truck and enjoy a walk around town or a meal together. The kids are asking when we can hit the road again. Thanks Saris


Our family put our 4 bike Freedom rack together is less than 15 minutes. The first time we loaded four bikes, it took about 15 minutes but now it takes about 5 to load a double bike trailer in our SUV and then four bikes on the rack. The pedal to lower the rack is a fabulous design to access the rear vehicle hatch. We have not come across one negative with this rack. Looking forward to using it for years to come. Saris customer service is excellent!


Received excellent customer service from Chris at Rack Attack Vaughan, ON location, which was a great way to start off. Assembling this rack was a breeze. The instructions were extremely easy to follow. Once assembled, the rack is a manageable weight (ie. I can move it down stairs and around corners myself without bumping the walls). The first time you mount 4 bikes allow about 30-45 minutes because you have to adjust everything (see all the yellow knobs) so that the bikes interlock well. This only has to be done the first time. After that (ie. for each bike trip), it will only take 5-10 minutes to load up. I have 2 adult mountain bikes + 1 20 mountain bike + 1 16 BMX bike on the rack and the only thing I have to do is rotate one of the adult bike seats 90 degrees due to interference from the handlebars of the next adult bike. This is easy due to having a quick release lever on my seat post. None of the other 3 bikes required any adjustment to fit. One really awesome feature is the ability to fold the rack down with all 4 bikes loaded. I can open the hatch on my MDX if needed. With all the bikes off, the 2 vertical supports fold down so that you can fold the entire rack up against the back of your vehicle. All the yellow knobs, wheel cradles, and ratchet straps are plastic which obviously helps keep the weight down. The quality seems fine. With a lifetime warranty from Saris, I'm not concerned about them over time. I would have no problem recommending this rack to anyone looking for a 4 bike rack solution that will hold various sizes and types of bikes.

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