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Saris Freedom Universal Hitch Tray - 2 Bike Black Bike Rack

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Bought the rack in 2012. It’s from Indianapolis to Atlanta twice and up to St. Clair Michigan. No issues. It’s 2021 and it’s still doing it’s job just fine. Made in the US of A. It’s on the wagon from spring to the first sign of snow when it comes of the hitch. Live in the rust belt.

2013 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon / SportW


I really like the hitch itself. Solid fit in my 2" hitch, easy assembly after finding a quick and simple YouTube video. Saris instructions have no words, only drawings which make it twice as difficult do figure out than it actually is to put together. The box was missing a bolt which we had to run to the hardware store to find. Not that big of a deal but the saris quality control card was signed in the box? You had 1 job... I needed a rack to accommodate a variety of bike styles and this does it. We'll see how it wears. I would recommend.

2016 Lincoln MKX


Well made and stout FB or holding my 2 heavier ebikes. Unfortunately they didn’t fit with too fat down tubes.


Easy to assemble and use. Allows trunk to open with bikes on the rack.

2012 Volvo S60


Quick and easy set up, easily loaded up two bikes, transported on the hwy with no noise and hardly any movement at all.

paul BEST

what little assembly needed was very easy n quick. rack is light n ez to handle. bikes load with ease.

2018 Kia Niro 5DR

Rich Hakalmazian

Great 2-bike rack.

2011 Chevrolet Tahoe 4dr


I bought this bike rack to take my new bike to a nearby beach. This was easy to assemble AND easy to put the bikes in place. I have an auto hatch opener and the middle bar went down easy without any trouble to my car. I absolutely love this Freedom 2-bike because it truly gives me my freedom.

Dawgfan 65

Just added a class 3 hitch from U Haul for under $250 to my 2016 Subaru Forester and am really pleased with the Freedom 2 hitch mount bike rack. My wife put the rack together after I had gone to bed although she is the better mechanic between us. I installed the rack on my vehicle which was quick and easy and then put a 29'er Mountain Bike on it and found it easy to mount and the bike felt nice and secure once I had it strapped in. My wife and I both like the ease of use and quality of the product. I would have bought the Superclamp 2 had I not just picked up a new bike so I was looking for a rack around $250 and this is perfect and looks like something I will enjoy for years to come.


Customer left only a rating.

2011 Toyota RAV4 5dr


This rack is for our Mazda CX-5 and it's a great fit. There are a total of 4 bikes that will be transported, either a road and commuter or two beach cruisers and it fits both well. The cruisers are definitely a little more difficult to put on but they do weigh about 10-15 pounds more than the other bikes. They were all stable on the rack, we even took it onto the freeway and they sat nice and stable.

The size is perfect, I can pull it off of the car and put it in the back if I need to. It's also pretty easy to carry around when mounting and storing.

It's a first for me and I'm pretty happy with my decision. This rack is perfect and I am confident it's going to get a lot of use from me and my husband.


Bought the rack for a trip to the Pacific Northwest (from MI). It did a great job with many loads and unloads. We did a ton of research and went with the Saris for a few reasons....
2. Lifetime Warranty and we bought from REI so we have their warranty as well.
3. Best value we could find on a 2-bike hitch rack


This is by far the finest rack I have used. It is well designed and well make. It makes loading and transporting bikes so easy.
As mentioned in a previous post, the yellow knobs are a little tight and don't turn easily for me, mainly because I have rheumatoid arthritis in my wrists. Spraying WD40 on the screw threads helps a fair amount. That is the only issue I had with the rack. However, I did make an inexpensive tool out of PVC pipe that solved that problem. I took a short threaded nipple and put it into a threaded T fitting. I then filed a slot in the end of the pipe to make room for the rack adjustment screw knobs. This gives you a lot more torque on the knob and eases the stress on my hands and wrists.
The receiver adapter works fantastic and have no play in it at all. It is easy to screw the pin into it. Once tightened down with a box wrench it is very snug and won't move in the least.

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