Bike Parking Racks

Bike Parking Racks are the most useful products when it comes to parking or locking up one or several bikes. Even as a home storage Bike Parking Rack, a whole family can store their bikes without taking up too much space.

With bicycle ownership and bike commuting on the rise across the country, property owners, developers, architects and homeowners are increasingly seeing the need for Bike Parking infrastructure.

Luckily, with Saris Commercial Bike Parking products, riders can have a safe and secure place to lock their bike. Whether a short-term 'staple' style rack in front of a small business on main street, or a fully secured, two-tiered bike storage garage inside a modern condominium building, Saris and Rack Attack have the right rack for the job.

We have racks for all budgets, and can provide you with storage solutions that hold the bike horizontally, vertically, locked or not. In addition to staple racks (also called docks or u-racks), we also have grid, wave, coathanger, hoop, post & ring and double-decker style options.

Most racks are offered in galvanized or powder-coated finish, and mounting hardware is available for most racks. Saris racks are made in the USA with mostly recycled American steel, helping your project meet or exceed design standards. Let us help plan or expand your bicycle storage capacity.

“You cannot be for a start-up, high-tech economy and not be pro-bike.” – Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago

Bike Parking for Architects & Contractors

Integrating high quality bike parking into a new construction or redevelopment project makes business sense – more and more developers want to highlight the bike parking as a project amenity and increasing numbers of cities are requiring and/or encouraging more bike parking in development projects. Plus, bike parking can enhance the LEED certification process. Saris makes it easy to incorporate elegant, cost-effective bicycle storage into any building project and can guide the process of product selection and space layout.

Saris 6805 Wave 7 Bike Rack

Saris 6805 Wave 7 Bike Rack

The Saris Wave 7 is the rack of choice for municipalities and high volume bike parking facilities. Comes with 1 year manufacturers warranty. The Saris Wave 7 is made of heavy duty, 1 5/8-in. OD 12-gauge schedule 40 pipe.

Bike Parking for Property Owners

For their health and enjoyment, and because it’s environmentally friendly, more people are using bikes for transportation these days. In fact, the number of bike commuters has increased double digits in most cities over the last five years. Which makes adding a bike rack to your property a smart business decision.

Rents along New York City’s Times Square pedestrian and bicycle paths increased 71% in 2010, the greatest rise in the city.

Adding a bicycle lane on San Francisco’s Valencia Street resulted in a 60% increase in sales at local businesses.Providing better access to people who walk, take transit, and ride bicycles means encouraging more people to visit and shop on a street.

Own a retail location? Bike parking brings in more customers from around the neighborhood. Workplace? Safe, convenient bike parking encourages your employees to improve their health by riding more. Apartments or condos? Indoor bike parking attracts potential residents, especially in bike-friendly areas. It also saves space by better organizing bikes.

Studies show that customers who arrive by bike stop more frequently, and at the end of the week, spend more in retail shops.

Saris Stretch 10 Bike Locking Commercial Rack

Saris Stretch 10 Bike Locking Commercial Rack

Eliminate cluttered bike parking for good with the Saris Stretch 10 Bike Locking Commercial Rack. The Saris Stretch 10 Bike Commercial Locking Rack parks up to 10 bikes in a small 6 x 5.25 ft. footprint and features integrated locking technology.

Bike Parking for Governments

There’s no better way to move people toward healthier lifestyles while moving your community away from traffic congestion and pollution than by providing the infrastructure necessary for more people to get around by bike.

Cost Benefit analyses show that up to $11.80 in benefits can be gained for every $1 invested in bicycling and walking.

But, investment in bicycle infrastructure does more than moving your citizens. It’s smart economic development too. Strong bicycling brings jobs and workers into your community.

Saris 6902 Bike Dock 2 Bike Rack

Saris 6902 Bike Dock 2 Bike Rack

The Saris Bike Dock 2 combines the strength and rigidity of an industrial rack with eye-pleasing, affordable simplicity. Great for parks and schools. The Saris Bike Dock is covered with a galvanized finish protects the rack from weather

Bike Parking for Universities

Convenient, efficient and inexpensive, pedal power rules the road at most university campuses. Bikes are so popular with students and faculty, in fact, they sometimes appear to dominate the landscape.

For those who prefer not to see bikes chained to trees, signposts, lawn furniture and even slower-moving students around campus, Saris offers a variety of cost-effective solutions.

Saris 6903 Bike Dock 2 Bike Rack

Saris 6903 Bike Dock 2 Bike Rack

The Saris Bike Dock 2 combines the strength and rigidity of an industrial rack with eye-pleasing, affordable simplicity. Great for parks and schools. The Saris Bike Dock is covered with a galvanized finish protects the rack from weather.

Bike Parking for K-12 Schools

You can promote a more active, attentive student body and reduce traffic congestion around your school with one simple move. Install a bike rack. The percentage of children who walk or bike to school has dropped from 50% to 15% over the last 20 years. Not coincidentally, the rate of childhood obesity has tripled. By providing a safe, secure place to park bikes, you can get kids riding again – teachers, too.

As an added benefit, reducing the number of kids transported by car cuts down on congestion and pollution around your school

Saris 6201 Commercial Duty Park-a-Bike 18 bike

Saris 6201 Commercial Duty Park-a-Bike 18 bike

The Saris Commercial Duty Park-A-Bike 18 is the nuts-and-bolts commercial rack, indefatigable even in the highest traffic areas. This Saris 6201 Park-A-Bike 18 is durable, maintenance free, and weather resistant.

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Need Bike Parking Advice?

If you are looking for advice from an expert for your bike parking solution, send us an email letting us know your requirements. Please include:

  • The mounting surface type.
  • Location (indoors or outdoors).
  • The bike orientation.
  • Bike capacity.
  • Available space dimensions (length, width, and height in feet).

Send us this along with all other relevant information and one of our rack experts will get back to you shortly.


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