Inno ISF711 Long Bolt Adapter Kit

Inno ISF711 Long Bolt Adapter Kit
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Product Code: 9ISF711
Status: Discontinued
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The Inno ISF711 Long Bolt Adapter Kit allows Inno snow and water sport carriers to mount onto oversized crossbars between 1" and 2" thick.


  • Allows Inno INA927 Gravity Ski & Snowboard Carrier and a few other Inno carriers to mount to thicker crossbars
  • One kit required per carrier


Weight: 1lbs

Length (carton): 5"

Width (carton): 1"

Height (carton): 1"


Manufacturer: Inno

Manufacturer Part Number: ISF711

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If your vehicle has crossbars this rack is easy and quick to install in about 15 minutes. If your vehicle doesn't have any crossbars then you will have to get those first (excluding the Thule Snowcat or SportRack Groomer 8, which only need raised rails to mount).

As long as you're staying with the same brand you can specify a key number with your order, and we will match any included or purchased locks.

All of the ski racks we sell come as a pair!

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