Benjamin gave a rating of 5/5 on 6/8/2011

I bought this rack last year and it works great. The quality is excellent and it fits my factory crossbars easily. We easily carry four boards with room to spare. All of the snowboard carriers out there, this appears to be the best one.


Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

Greg gave a rating of 5/5 on 1/4/2011

This rack is great! Holds well, locks are great. Before buying I saw a review that someone had hard time closing - that is not the case. Closes gteat. The only instalation modification I made was to keep a peice of the mount off that protects the two mount screws- this allows me to keep the mount attached to the rack while easier to remove by loosening one side - remove another and swinging the mount 180 vs. having to take off the 2 screws inside the rack (not as easy to install). Depending where you live/park that might be a good solution. I park on the street and live in NYC. Besides that, perfect and great capacity. I had 2 skis and two boards on it and felt like there was still a ton of room.



Dfrank gave a rating of 5/5 on 1/2/2011

I mounted this rack on the top of my Undercover hard tonneau cover! Excellent design. Excellent quality! Very secure. Looks great too.



Codymcd gave a rating of 5/5 on 10/9/2010

Great rack, great for group snowboarding/skiing fully locking system which is a great thing ive never had any problems with it. I like the universal mounts which means i can install on really any car.