Jody asked on 1/18/2015:

What is the vertical dimension of this holder?

Hi Jody,

The dimension from the bar to the top of the Universal Pull Top 6 is 6.5 inches.


MDX Owner asked on 9/9/2013:

Vehicle: 2001 Acura MDX
Will the mounts work on factory installed crossbars on a 2001 Acura MDX?

Thank you for your email. Yes, this ski mount will work with your factory bars.

Please give us a call if you have further questions, or would like assistance processing your order.




Ron asked on 1/24/2012:

Vehicle: 2006 lexus RX400h
Will the 92726 fit on the Lexus RX400h factory installed bars?


As long as you have the cross bars that go from side-to-side of your vehicle, this ski mount will work great.




JAVIER E asked on 1/11/2012:

Vehicle: 2011 NISSAN XTERRA
Hi again, does the Thule 92726 fit in the Nissan XTerra factory crossbars with the new Speedlink system?. Thanks.


Yes it will.


Tim asked on 12/20/2011:

Vehicle: 2011 Acura RDX
Will the Thule 92726 rack fit my 2011 Acura RDX? I had the dealer install the Acura roof racks, to which the snow racks can be attached. Thanks.

The Thule Pull Top 6 can work with any factory bar. The ski rack includes four universal mounts and lock cores. You shouldn't have any trouble getting this mounted onto your RDX. If you have any questions about ordering one up you can contact me at 303-278-4999.
Cody McDonald
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Lenasi asked on 12/12/2011:

Vehicle: 2005 Acura MDX
- What is a total height of 92726.
- What is the effective width of this ski-rack that is available for ski mounting.
- Also, is there any difference between 91726 & 92726 other than fastening strap?
- Is mounting strap for 92726 robber coated METAL, or just a robber?

Hey Lenasi,

The hieght of the 92726 is 6 inches from the top of your cross bar (roof rack).
This rack has 30 inches of ski carrying area.

The 92726 is about 5 inches wider than the old 91726 ski carrier, as we found with ski's and snowboards getting wider the older 91726 could not always accommodate 4 snowboards or 6 pairs of ski's.
The 92726 will mount quickly and easily around any crossbar where as this is not the case with the older 91726 ski carrier.

The mounting strap is a steel coated rubber strap that can be locked to secure the rack to the crossbar. The old 91726 rack could not be locked to the crossbars.

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timmyt asked on 11/25/2011:

Vehicle: 2007 Audi a3
how many do i need to buy. do two racks come in each pack?


If you purchase 1 92726 it will come with two carriers to carry 6 pairs of skis.