Lynnette asked on 10/20/2012:

Vehicle: 2008 Toyota RAV4 5dr
Will I need any other equipment besides the 835Pro Hull-a-port Pro for my car? I have a factory installed crossbar. I need to carry 2 ocean kayaks on top of my car. Thanks.


No, you will not need anything else as long as you already have crossbars. The Thule Hullaport Pros comes with all the hardware and straps needed for transporting the Kayaks.

Thanks, Rack Attack Boston


Spencer Anderson asked on 9/16/2012:

Vehicle: 2013 Dodge Durango
I just bought a Citadel that has the factory crossbars (they are built into the roof racks and pull out to attach as crossbars). I had trouble using the fit guide so I want to be sure the 835PRO Hull-a-Port PRO will work with these bars- I have two kevlar kayaks and will need two sets to mount both on my Durango.


Yes the 835PRO will attach to your factory bars. If you have any other questions, feel free to call our Boston location at 508 879 1444. Thanks!


Sheri asked on 7/8/2012:

Vehicle: 2006 Toyota 4runner sport
The fit guide on the Thule website wasn't clear. Will the hull-a-port pro fit on my factory crossbars?


If they are Toyota Factory Crossbars then you will have no problem fitting the 835PRO on there.


JW asked on 6/3/2012:

Vehicle: 2009 GMC Acadia
Does the Thule 835PRO Hull-a-port Pro fit my Acadia?

The 835PRO will fit the factory bars on the GMC Acadia.

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Linda asked on 5/14/2012:

Vehicle: 2012 Honda Ridgeline
I have factory installed roof racks. Will the Thule 850PRO Hull-a-port Pro attach with the greatest of ease or will there be slight adjustments? I'm a real kluts when it comes this sort of things. Thanks.


The Hull-A-Port Pro will most definitely attach with the greatest of ease. There are basically 2 brackets that pass under your bar and are held on by thumb screws.

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steve gade asked on 12/28/2011:

Vehicle: 1997 ford expedition
I need two kayak racks. I prefer the 835 pro because i will not have to take it off in between uses. I might have a clearance problem with the garage, Can you please tell me when the rack is folded down how much higher is it than the rail on the truck?

Also, if clearance is a problem, is the 835 xtr easier to take off in between uses so it is a better solution?


The 835PRO will sit at 3.25" above the crossbar when folded down. When it comes to removing, both options use the same hardware. I do find the 835PRO to be padded a little better and a little more solid. Thank you.


Duke asked on 11/18/2011:

Vehicle: 2005 Toyota 4 Runner
My factory rack cross bars are 2 5/8" wide. They are a very flat oval shape. Will the Thule hardware mount to the factory bar securely?

Yes the Thule 835PRO will mount directly to your Toyota factory crossbars. Hope this answers your question.