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Thule TP42 42 inch Top-Track with Flare-Nuts
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The Thule TP42 42 inch Top-Track with Flare-Nuts

Thule Permanent Custom Mount Roof Rack System

Thule's new 42 Inch TP42 Top-Track system mounts permanently to the roofs of SUVs and minivans to create a convenient and stylish platform for multipurpose roof racks.


  • Works ONLY on metal and aluminum surfaces
  • Works with Thule 460 Podium Foot and Fit Kit 3101, sold separately
  • Custom look with multi-sport function
  • Innovative fastening hardware eliminates headliner removal
  • Heavy-duty black anodized aluminum track is corrosion resistant
  • Drill bits, Flare-nut tool, and Loctite silicone thread sealant included
  • Integrated PVC seal on Flare-nut reduces number of installation parts and provides a weather resistant seal
  • Self-adhesive washers make hole line-ups simple


Weight: 3lbs

Length (carton): 44.4"

Width (carton): 2.9"

Height (carton): 2.8"

UPC: 091021042476

Manufacturer: Thule

Manufacturer Part Number: TP42

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Thule Warranty

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I am comfortable assembling and installing engines and transmissions. This was much worse. The instructions were poor. Firstly, the track has a plastic/vinyl insert that acts as a final base. This is flat and is drilled with holes for the track fasteners. It works as the perfect template. Unfortunately, the center-to-center hole distance is different from the track itself. This is an amazing manufacturing flaw. Do you realize that the holes I drilled into my roof don't match the track? The center-to-center hole distance is off by about 1mm. So, as one progresses down the track the holes misalign more and more. This means I had to elongate / oblong the holes in the track to match the holes in my roof. The inserts tangents don't even match the track tangents. That's the starting hole... So everything is misaligned. WHAT A PITA. I could never imagine it would be so poorly made and designed and I haven't even gotten to the riv-nuts. I had two spinners on the driver's side and one on the passenger side. I want Thule to replace my roof and go with a soft rack for less than $100. What an incredible waste. I recommend Rack Attack not sell any of these again without first verifying center-to-center hole matching, use a proper riv-nut tool, etc...

2019 Toyota Prius C



2015 Audi A4 4dr


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All required tools and instructions for the Thule TP42 42 inch Top-Track with Flare-Nuts are provided. No particular expertise required, just be sure to follow the instructions closely. While installation times vary depending on your vehicle and racks purchased, installations typically take from 15-60 minutes.

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