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By Kuat

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 2-Bike Rack

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35 Customer Reviews

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Peter T

Prettiest RACK I've ever owned. Looks sleek and stylish on the back of my Subbie OB. My wife even said I had a nice Rack. She's usually indifferent to such things. Assembled in 10mins. Took it out for a 1000 mile drive from LA to SLC and back, driving 85mph thru a snowstorm. It held solid and anti-sway is excellent. Holds my MTB with 2.6 wheels fine. The added velcro is a plus for peace of mind. Not sure why anyone would complain about that.

Liang C

A lightweight hitch rack with some nice features and a good-looking powder coat finish.

Jeffrey D

Great rack. I drive a 3rd generation Tacoma. The rack tilts down and can lower the tailgate without contact. Note - the photos of the gray rack are different than the black or white ones. But the rack is infact the same as the others.

Wolfgang g

Easy to assemble came complete with all tools required for installation. Effortless folding ability with foot or hand operated lever. Bikes held in place securely. Anti hitch rattle feature locks rack in place with no side to side swaying. When bikes are in place and rack lowered for hatch access road bikes no issues with clearance between bike handle bars and hatch regardless of which car I used but mountain bike with straight bars might be a bit tight. Again Varys with vehicle. Overall excellent rack so far.

Joseph H

Excellent quality. Assembly was quick and well documented. Choose this unit based on 32lbs. Easy for me to handle. (Senior Citizen).

Mark L

Bought the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 based on a recommendation. It was easy to assemble, just follow the instructions. Was cool how they used the box to help with the assembly. Well made bike rack and worth the price. Really like the mechanism to tighten the rack in the hitch receiver and the integrated lock. Looking forward to using it in the spring.

William B

Luv it. I can load or unload in less a minute. It is saving my shoulders, as I am now in my 60s ( Still Young). Before the Sherpa 2.0 I was loading the bikes over the bed of a F250 4X4 Killing my shoulders Thank You Kuat Ed Naples Fl.

Michael F

Just what I wanted


Rock solid bike rack so far, easy to use

2019 Honda Passport

Philip R

Assembly was easy...just follow instructions...The box as a build up aid really made assembly of rack fairly easy. Im still waiting for the pivot v2 to arrive and i will update or add a review for attaching the rack to my vehicle.


Very nice. Highly recommended.

2019 Subaru Forester


Well made and fairly easy to use. I especially like the way it can be tightened down on the 2 inch trailer receiver for a very solid installation. The cable lock is also a nice feature.

2017 Toyota Tundra 4dr Double Ca

Zack the Rack

Great design, assembly is easy, light weight for easy removal, and very secure. Love it! Hurry up and buy so you can get out there and ride!

Rick Sprake

Very High Quality rack. Assembly was simple other than the long bolts took some patience lining up and engaging. 20min. Like the 2-inch option so no adapters to deal with. Ready to go South will review when I return. Thanks Rack Attack.

2017 Nissan Murano


not easy to assemble.

Joe Davis

easy assembly, secure bike carriage, good ergonomics for whole family to use.

2016 Volvo XC90

Jim G

Great piece of kit! Easy to use and rock solid! Holds our two e-bikes no problem !

Michael B

The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 bike rack was well packed and the assembly instructions were clear. All of the tools needed for assembly were included. A really nice feature was that the shipping box was also the cradle for the bike rack during assembly. The rack operates smoothly and is light weight. Perfect for two bikes.

Royce Reinwald

Good rack, still a little heavy.

Jay N

Hi quality construction and relatively lightweight. A bit cumbersome to put together, but not too difficult. I look forward to a lifetime of use from this rack. Be aware that the 1.25" version comes with the stinger from the original Sherpa..not the "upgraded" stinger for the 2" version, in spite of photos online.

mike T

This rack is simple, sturdy and holds the bikes well with no frame contact. Rack Attack got this shipped out the same day I ordered and their service was great!

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

David J

Great design and love the hitch bar tightening ball fearture


Easy to assemble and install to my 1.25" CURT receiver. Arrived within 48h of my order. Great product

2013 CT200h CT200h


amazing rack, worth the extra $$$ compared to the Yakima and the Thule, this is much lighter to handle, solid build and looks great! I love this rack!

Christopher E

Rack went together very easy, it has an excellent finish.


Highly recommend!

2020 Toyota 4 Runner 4dr


This is my fourth bike rack over the past few years and I wish I had bought one like this sooner. The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 replaces a Thule Apex hitch rack. The Apex was advertised as a lighweight hitch rack that will fit 4 bikes, but that is unrealistic given the design. It did fit three bikes, but on a long trip the bikes rubbed against each other and scratched the paint and cut into the carbon fibre frame...not good. Also, the mounts did not stay in one place and the rubber straps stretch and tear over time. As a result, my bikes came off the rack while driving on the freeway a couple of times so I ended up using a bunch of velcro straps to affix the bikes. The racks' main advantage was fairly light weight for a hitch mount rack and the promise of holding four bikes. Well, it was pretty light, but it didn't hold four bikes and it was unsafe, so I retired it and bought the Kuat Sherpa 2.0. I've used it a few times now and it is pretty much a perfect solution. It is also fairly light for a hitch rack and it also holds the bikes very securely. It only holds two bikes, but at least it holds them without any fear of losing them on the freeway. It is easy to attach to the hitch, easy to mount bikes on, and is very versatile (folds up against the trunk and folds down to get into the trunk). As I said, I wish I'd been able to buy a rack like this sooner. Completely happy with my purchase.

2014 Audi Q5

Jeremy Haslam

Great quality and easy to use!


Overall I am pleased with the bike rack. I recently purchased a new bike and wanted to try a platform style to avoid scratches and the hassle of using adapters. My previous hanging-style rack was challenging to use and my bike hung at an awkward angle. In addition, I wanted something lighter in weight as I am solo. I can easily carry this rack back and forth to the garage. I found reviews where some experienced melting due to the rack being close to the exhaust. I have a BMW X3 and was hopeful it would not be the case but after I installed it, it did look a bit close to the exhaust when folded. I decided to order the Hi-Lo adapter to be on the safe side and that seems to put the rack up a little higher and further away from the exhaust. This does make the rack extend out further than what I would prefer and I keep this in mind when finding a place to park. The rack is solid and seems to hold the bike well with very little movement. I am not a fan of the finish. I ordered the black as it was a bit less expensive but the high gloss finish scratched right out of the box. Assembly was okay. I had watched a few videos before it arrived so I would have a good idea of how to put it together. Of course, it did not go as smoothly as the videos I had watched. The instructions were not that great, so watch an assembly video first. The provided burlap bag to hold the lock and tools is a nice touch to keep everything organized.

Pascal A

Best looking bike rack (better than Thule and Saris IMO) and it’s very user friendly. Easy to assemble and easy to store. Highly recommended.

Alex J

Came well-packaged! Great instructions for assembly. The pieces of the rack required focused manipulation (my 78y.o mother would have a tough time), but no sweat as a fit fellow. Really like that it's slimmer than a Kuat 2.0, and I don't need the ability to carry e-bikes.

Jill M

Rack is awesome and would give it a 5, but the directions were really hard to interpret!

2018 Nissan Pathfinder 4dr


Easy to assemble. Good quality. Highly recommend

2007 Toyota Highlander

Roger Weill

Have had this rack since November 2016. It was and still is the perfect rack for carrying my short wheelbase recumbent bicycle. The bike is easily mounted on the rack and is held securely. The convenient pivoting functions allow me to access my rear hatch when the rack is loaded and to fold the rack up when not in use. Its light weight also allows me to easily remove and store the rack at times when it is not needed. Its finish and function have not diminished in the time I have had it and the white color of this model is still the best match to the color of my vehicle.

2017 Subaru Outback Wagon


Customer left only a rating.

2016 Toyota Prius

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