Ford C-Max Hybrid Rack Installation Photos

Ford Cmax 5 door hybrid vehicle.

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Installed a Yakima baseline with Yakima BaseClip 152 and Yakima BaseClip 176 along with a Yakima round bar on a 2013 Ford C-Max 5dr.

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Yakima Baseline with 60 inch Jetstreams with a Thule Motion XT XL Black Cargo box on a 2013 Ford C-Max
This 2013 Ford C-Max 5dr got fitted with a Yakima Baseline crossbar system for a bare roof and they topped it with a Thule Motion Large cargo box.
2016 Ford C-Max 5dr Equipped to the Max! Bike Rack and Cargo Box to provide for great trips and adventures! The Mountains are calling!
2015 Ford C-Max 5dr with a Motion XT L
Ford C-Max Hybrid Cargo & Luggage Racks installation
Ford C-Max Hybrid Cargo & Luggage Racks installation
Ford C-Max Hybrid Cargo & Luggage Racks installation

This rack setup uses the following products:

2016 Ford C-Max 5dr with Yakima baseline with Thule force XT L
Yakima BaseLine roof rack and Thule Motion XT L in Titan for a 2013 Ford C-Max 5dr
Ford Cmax with custom application of tracks, Thule base rack, and Thule Canyon XT roof top cargo basket.

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2014 Ford C-Max 5dr Yakima Baseline baseclip 152 baseclip 176 60inch jet streams
Yakima 50" Jetstream bars in black (8880633) with Yakima Baseline Towers (8000146) and Yakima Base Clips 176 (8006176) and Base Clip 152 (8006152) mounted on a 2017 Ford C-Max 5dr. These bars are one size smaller than the Yakima recommended width of 60", but the customer asked if we could make them
2017 Ford C-Max 5dr with a Custom Thule Track installation with the Thule 460R Rapid Podium Tower and the Thule Evo Wingbars in Black
2017 Ford C-Max 5dr with the Thule Evo Clamp, Thule Evo Wingbar crossbars in black, a Thule Proride XT bike carrier and a Thule Motion XT L cargo box beside in Titan.