RockyMounts Locking Quick Release (No Core) - RockyMounts Roof Rack Accessory

RockyMounts Locking Quick Release (No Core)
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The RockyMounts Locking Quick Release (No Core)

RockyMounts Roof Mount Bike Rack

The RockyMounts Locking Quick Release (No Core) is great for upgrading RockyMounts rooftop bike racks (Noose, Lariat, 9mm Pitchfork, 9mm TieRod) to a locking quick release. RockyMounts Locking Quick Release does not come with locks.


  • Lock cores (one per Locking Quick Release) sold separately
  • Compatible with all RockyMounts products except Tandem Mount


Weight: 1lbs

Length (carton): 8"

Width (carton): 1"

Height (carton): 1"

UPC: 186135000396

Manufacturer: RockyMounts

Manufacturer Part Number: 0180

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This comes down to your preference, the type of bikes you're carrying, and if you have any height restrictions. But for the most part if you're not riding a super fancy high-end road race bike then leaving your front tire on is easier, and more convenient.

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