Saris Freedom Superclamp 2-Bike

Saris Freedom Superclamp 2-Bike
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  • Saris Freedom Superclamp 2-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
  • Saris Freedom Superclamp 2-Bike Alternate Image Thumbnail
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Rating of 4.8/5 on 5 reviews
Product Code: 304025
Status: Discontinued
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The Saris Freedom Superclamp 2-Bike is the "no frame contact" version of the top-selling Freedom series of hitch bike carriers. It's light, stable, secure and easy to use. The Freedom family just got bigger, and in a big way.


  • Preassembled
  • Fits almost any bike and will carry up to 2 bikes of any type (60 lb/bike)
  • No frame contact design
  • Adjustable, locking arms
  • Rack-integrated locking cable
  • Includes a locking hitch pin
  • Most stable and secure tray rack available
  • Universal fit: works with both 1.25" and 2" hitches
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Note: Saris hitch racks require the minimum distance from the center of the hole in the receiver box to the end of the hitch needs to be 1-3/8” for proper fit.


Weight: 36lbs

Length (carton): 50"

Width (carton): 16"

Height (carton): 11"

UPC: 012527012169

Manufacturer: Saris

Manufacturer Part Number: 4025

Saris Warranty

Saris warranty information

Saris Warranty

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Family has multiple bikes and cars with two different size hitches - installed on either with no issues in less than 5 min. I have taken multiple long trips with 4 different bikes - 3 road 1 MTN - (2 each time) with no sway, bounce, marring of frame , etc. My wife can load bikes on this rack with no issues or complaints, she was never able to do this with any of our previous racks. Love that the rear cargo door of either car opens with the rack in place. Yes you have to remove the bikes - takes less than 2 min. Love the locking system for the rack and the bikes - peace of mind when you have to leave for lunch, etc.


I haul mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrids in various combinations. This rack allows me the versatility I need and the build quality is outstanding. I am proud it is 100% made in the USA.


I replaced a 4 bike hanger that used the crossbars. What a difference a wheel holder makes. fast and easy to put them on and take them off, with no frame contact. I no longer whine about having to put bikes on and take them off, and I no longer have to use straps from the roof rack to keep the bikes and the bikerack stable. I would have purchased the four bike model but that one requires a 2 inch hitch receiver. I will upgrade to the 4 place model when I upgrade the vehicle to one with a larger receiver.


I love my super clamp! It's great for my road and mountain bikes. The only thing that I don't like about it is how far it sticks out when it isn't in use. Other than that it's great! Thanks!


I completed a side-by-side comparison of the this, the Kuat NV and the 1UP heavy duty two-bike platform racks on a 2015 Subaru Forester w/ a rear hatch and a 2 inch receiver hitch. All three racks were purchased in Oct. 2014. This is by far the easiest to use. Loading/unloading the bikes could not be easier and just takes seconds. Quickly loaded various combinations of triathlon bikes, road bikes and cruisers w/ fat tires and wide fenders. Lock works well. With no bikes loaded and the rack folded down while mounted in the hitch, there is easy access to the back of the vehicle. Took this on a 400+ mile trip. The bikes rode exceptionally well with no wobble and the hitch mount did not loosen one bit. Securely holds the bikes at speed including 75 mph. One-time, two-bolt assembly from the box then mounting on the hitch took 33 minutes. Assembly will be much faster with a ratcheting socket tool.

Hands down - I highly recommend this to anyone not needing access to the back of their vehicle while the bikes are loaded. This rack may allow access to the back or your vehicle so check it out. It does not allow access on our Subaru. When I made the choice of this rack I watched the associated videos, yet after the fact, I realized that I had watched the video of the four-bike version of the same rack. This four-bike version does tilt away from the rear of the vehicle. I am very disappointed to not be able to keep this rack and will return only it because it does not tilt to allow access to the hatch of our Subaru while the bikes are loaded. If anyone has any questions about this rack or platform racks for Subaru Foresters leave a comment to my review (or find my review on other sites and leave a comment) and I'll get back to you.


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