mike asked on 8/11/2013:

Vehicle: 2010 Kia Soul
Just wondering if the Thule 575 Snow board rack will allow a set of skiis to be carried in them ?

Hi Mike,

Physically the 575 MIGHT fit skis, but I would not recommend it. If the skis fall off or are damaged in any way, Thule will not warranty the product or items attached since it was not used as it was manufactured.

Thule makes a few ski and board carriers that fit a wide range of skis at a very comparable price.

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Dave asked on 2/8/2013:

Vehicle: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
I have factory crossbars. Will this rack fit without any additional adaptors?

Hi Dave:

Yes, the Thule 575 Snowboard Carrier will fit on your 2011 Grand Cherokee factory crossbars.



Connor asked on 9/24/2012:

Vehicle: 2000 Acura Integra 3dr
For the Thule 575 Snowboard Carrier, are you required to take off bindings in order to put a snowboard on the carrier?


You shouldn't have to remove the bindings in order to fit the boards on the carrier, you should be able to fit one binding between the two carriers and one behind the rear carrier.

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NB asked on 8/28/2012:

Is there any way this can be used to carry skis? Perhaps loading two pairs one on top of the other in one of the holders? (so that the cable can press down on them?)


The 575 is only designed to carry 2 snowboards and nothing else. Using the carrier to carry items other than snowboards can result it loss/damage to your skis.



Alexander Castaldi asked on 12/25/2011:

do 575 snowboard carriers work with the rapid aero bars?


The 575 Snowboard carriers still have the older hardware, but are not difficult to install. You will need a Xadapt7 in order to attach it to the Aero bars.