Frank asked on 6/3/2012:

Vehicle: 2007 Hyundai Sante Fe
My crossbars are 3 inches wide, will this fit properly? Also how long are the racks themselves? I want to use these for my fishing poles.


The rack can accommodate up to 3.5 inches, so you are fine. I would estimate the rack to be about 24inches wide, so fishing poles shouldn't be an issue in terms of real estate on the rack. If you have any other questions, feel free to call our Boston location at 508 879 1444. Thanks!


Sarah asked on 2/19/2012:

Vehicle: 2008 Jeep Patriot
Do I need anything extra with this carrier for my '08 Jeep Patriot with factory rails and crossbars?


The INA927 is made to fit most factory and aftermarket racks. On the product page on our website, Inno gives some minimum required measurements for the crossbars. Take a look at those numbers and measure your own crossbars. If you have oversized bars, you will need the ISF711 long bolt adapter kit. If they are not minimum 2" from the roof, this rack will NOT be compatible. Other than that you will be fine. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 800 399 RACK. Thanks!


Scott asked on 1/22/2012:

Vehicle: 2011 Subaru OutBack
Will this rack fit the factory cross bars on a 2011 Subaru Outback?



Yes the Inno 927 Ski racks will fit factory crossbars right out of the box.


ciannanoll asked on 1/10/2012:

Vehicle: 2003 nissan xterra
Will this product work on the factory crossbars for this vehicle?


It will fit the factory crossbars but you need to get the extra long bolt kit with them, the kit is another $15 and we are out of stock of them right now. The new Thule and Yakima racks do not require anything extra as they come with hardware that will fit the factory cross bars.



dayhiker5k asked on 1/9/2012:

Vehicle: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT
I have an aftermarket Thule rack with the square crossbars. Do I need to purchase the long screw adapter kit to go with this snowboard rack?

Dear Dayhiker5k,

You do not need any adapters to mount this rack to Thule square bars.


jmoney8806 asked on 1/8/2012:

Vehicle: ford explorer
will the Inno INA927 Gravity Ski-Snowboard Rack fit on my roof rack


If you have the factory crossbar system (side to side crossbars) then yes, the INA927 Ski-Snowboard Rack will work direct to factory. If you do not have a factory roof rack, then we can set you up with one to work with the Ski-Snowboard rack.

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Duane asked on 12/26/2011:

Vehicle: 2004 acura mdx
Will the ina927 fit the factory rack on my 2004 acura mdx? Will I need the long bolts?

It will go onto those bars. Longer bolts are not needed.


Sean asked on 12/17/2011:

Vehicle: 2010 Chevy Traverse
Will the rack system fit on the factory installed rack and cross bars on this car?


Yes, these racks will fit to factory installed crossbars.


Andrew asked on 12/13/2011:

Vehicle: 1999 Chevrolet Suburban
Will this work as-is with my 1999 suburban? It has the factory crossbars. I also have a 2001 Dodge Durango with the OEM crossbars, would it work with that as well?

You should have no issues fitting the rack to either vehicle.
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skiingcheezit34 asked on 11/15/2011:

Vehicle: 1994 Jeep Cherokee
Will this fit my factory crossbars for my 94 Jeep Cherokee with the included clamps or will I have to order specific ones?

The Inno Ski rack has factory mounts, so your Jeep GC will work with this product. No adapters are in need for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 303-278-4999.
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