steve asked on 3/13/2013:

Vehicle: 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX / STI 4dr
Would this fit on the subaru oem oval cross bars?

Hi Steve,

Thule fairings only fit Thule square load bars or the now discontinued Thule Aerobars (not to be confused with AeroBlades). Brand specific fairings like Thule and Yakima will not fit OEM crossbars.


Jason asked on 1/29/2012:

Vehicle: 2010 Mazda 3
The description of this product says it does not fit aeroblade bars, but the product video explicitly says that it does. Can you explain the discrepancy?

The Thule XT line of fairings does not fit the new Thule Aero Blade. They fit Thule steel square load bars and the now discontinued aluminium Thule Rapid Aero Bar. The "Rapid Aero Bar" was a different shape than the new “Aero Blade” that accommodated the attachment of a fairing. The New Aero Blades are basically noiseless and as such don't require the fairing to help reduce the wind noise of the rack.


Bob asked on 1/7/2012:

Vehicle: 2007 subaru impreza wrx
will this thule 871XT fairing work on yakima round 48 inch crossbars?


The Thule Fairing mounts will not affix to the Yakima cross bar.

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Mike asked on 12/16/2011:

Vehicle: 2005 Honda Civic
Will the Thule 871XT Fairing fit my 2005 4 dr honda civic and 480R Rapid Traverse Foot Pack rack?

Yes the 871XT is the correct fit for the vehicle listed with 480R towers.