Thule 517 Peloton

Thule 517 Peloton
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The Thule 517 Peloton is the premium clamp-style fork mounted bike carrier that holds the fork blades of your bike. From road bikes to disc brakes and fat tires the Thule 517 Peloton is up to the challenge.


  • Fits most disc brake and suspension combinations with standard 9mm axles
  • Ratcheting wheel strap quickly secures back wheel to tray
  • The double-wall aluminum wheel tray provides maximum strength and rigidity
  • 1 One-Key lock cylinder (sold separately) locks the bike to carrier and carrier to rack
  • Wheel tray fits tire widths up to 2.6 inches wide with high profile rims
  • Carries bicycles with wheelbase up to 48 inches
  • Fits Thule square load bars and Yakima round crossbars
  • Requires xadapt9 to mount to Thule Rapid Aero load bars
  • Requires one Thule SKS lock core to complete security
  • Factory rack compatible with Thule 532 Ride-on Adapter, sold separately


Weight: 5.5lbs

Length (carton): 55.5"

Width (carton): 6"

Height (carton): 3"

UPC: 091021517172

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Thule 517 Peloton
5 -

This product worked well for about a year. After this this plastic gears in the all plastic head broke and released my bike while driving. Luckily it fell toward the roof of my car rather than the windows and ground. ps the head was not overtightened at the time of breakage.

2003 pontiac vibe

Thule 517 Peloton
5 -

The 517 seems decent, but it does not hold onto the fork dropouts very well. I am a reasonably strong man and even when I tighten it as much as possible and still be able to open it, the fork dropouts can slip in the quick-release. I have even had the bike come out of them and fall over sideways on the roof of the car. I am currently looking to replace it because it does not hold bikes securely enough.

Honda Fit

Thule 517 Peloton
5 -

Works great!

1997 BMW 328i

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