Subaru Bike Racks

Nearly every vehicle Subaru makes can carry bikes in one, two, or three different ways. Typically the easiest way to transport multiple bikes on any vehicle is by having a trailer hitch installed and using a hitch-mount bike rack to carry up to five bikes (depending on the weight limit of your hitch). If you don't have a hitch, or just want to carry your bikes on the roof, there is a wide selection of roof mounted bike racks available for Subarus with factory or aftermarket roof racks installed. The final option is a trunk mount "strap rack". Trunk racks (while often the most affordable option) are the least desirable option and only recommended for short, infrequent, trips. Take a look below at the best options for putting a bike on your Subaru!

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Subaru Bike Racks for Hitches & Subaru Roof Mount Bike Racks