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Saris SUPERBones 3 Bike Rack

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So easy to use. I love the steel belted cables and locks making it secure once installed. It is heavy duty and well designed and built. I am very happy with the unit. I almost purchased a roof rack, but was talked into a trunk rack. So I bought the best one! It was expensive, but cheaper than a roof rack.


As much as I love my Saris Bones 2 which I bought over 5 years ago, buying the SUPERBones was a much needed upgrade for my car and bikes. I like the fact it has less straps to deal with and a lot easier/quicker to put on my 2010 Kia Soul. The built in locks are nice added feature to secure the rack to my car as well keep the bikes on the rack. I only wish the lock and cable for the bike reached through all of the bikes and not just to the one on the end (furthest from the car). It makes sense when traveling with 3 bikes, but traveling with just one or two bikes it would be nice have the lock reach to the bike closest to the car.

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