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Yakima RACKandROLL Trailer Kickstand

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Bill Tobias

Great add to the trailer. Makes it much easier to handle as you move it around before and after the trip.

Kent L

Kinda of puny but serves its purpose and really should come with the trailer but not complaining!

2016 Subaru Outback Wagon

Colonel Steve

Kickstand a disappointment compared with the trailer itself. the attachment and the stand should both be of a higher grade aluminum.


I have the same complaint as John did about this kickstand. One kayak and a roof box is all I have on my trailer, yet upon setting the trailer down once the kickstand is deployed, it rests swayed to one side (even though it is sitting on level ground). This never gave me a feeling of confidence in how this thing was engineered. Furthermore, I too have had the weight of the trailer cause the kickstand to fail and collapse to the ground mashing my coupler into whatever was there (concrete, grass, etc.). I've only had my trailer less than a year, and have probably used it only half a dozen times before this last collapse happened whereby it sheared off the push-button pin which holds the kickstand in place. Now the kickstand is useless, and will not stand on it's own without the pin in place. I'll be contacting Yakima about this and I hope that they will warranty it.


I have the Rack and Roll trailer and absolutely love it. I'm a little disappointed with the kickstand though. Even with just two kayaks loaded on my trailer the kickstand sways and then eventually falls to the ground because the stand fails to stay in place or support the trailer. I'm looking for a replacement stand to fill the void the Yakima kickstand isn't giving me.

2005 Toyota Tacoma

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