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Canoe Racks are a must when carrying a canoe on your vehicle. You won't run the risk of ruining your car or your canoe, and with the innovative products to help you load, unload, and most importantly secure your boat getting in the water and enjoying your day will be a breeze.

Roof Mounted Canoe Racks REQUIRE that you already have a roof rack system in place, either from the manufacturer of your vehicle, or if your vehicle roof is bare, one of our multipurpose base rack systems. To see what multipurpose base roof rack system options are available for your vehicle, check one of our Automated Roof Rack Fit Guides. Roof Mounted Canoe Racks have padded cradles/brackets that provide maximum stability for the boat, plus added safeguard for the gunwales.

For vehicles that do not have a long enough roofline to support a canoe rack, Hitch Mount Canoe Racks create a rear mounted load bar on vehicles equipped with a two inch hitch receiver. Their telescopic design makes height adjustment easy, and the hitch stats tightly secured with an anti-wobble feature. To complete the system, you are also required to purchase a set of Canoe Brackets mentioned above as this simply comes with the bar on which to attach them. Hitch Mount Canoe Racks are the perfect solution if you have a pick-up truck.

When transporting canoes, always secure the bow and stern to your vehicle with tie down straps to ensure your boat stays stationary.

Thule Canoe Racks

Thule Canoe Racks provide a soft, comfortable resting place for your canoe with their padded cradles. Their roof brackets also come with ratcheting tie down straps to help you secure the bow and stern of your boat during transportation. Thule Canoe Racks are designed to mount quickly and easily to your roof or hitch mounted rack.

Thule 819 Portage Canoe Carrier

Thule 819 Portage Canoe Carrier

The Thule 819 Portage Canoe Carrier is Thule's easiest loading canoe carrier ever, and has universal roof rack compatibility. Includes everything you need to carry one canoe on your base roof rack.

$102.95 $129.95
Thule 997 Goalpost

Thule 997 Goalpost

The Thule 997 GoalPost Hitch Racks provide easier transportation of canoes, kayaks and long loads on trucks (including camper shells), SUVs and vans. Includes 58" Thule square load bar so you can connect any Thule water sport mount.

$198.95 $249.95

Yakima Canoe Racks

Yakima Canoe Racks are a simple, functional, and durable accessory that lets you haul your canoe by gripping the gunwales. So get your trusty canoes out onto the water safely and inexpensively, you modern day Lewises and Clarks, you.

Yakima KeelOver

Yakima KeelOver

Finally a canoe bracket that attaches directly to your factory bars. The Yakima KeelOver is everything you need to get your canoe to your favorite paddling spot safe and secure at a great value.

$95.20 $119.00

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