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Thule XADAPT11 Adapter


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Works well for the Hull a port. I had to grind about 1/32'' each side of the square nut to fit my trac one rack track (for some reason it is narrower than the xsporter track) Used 2 kits to adapt my ''glide and set'' with a plexiglass shim between the Xadapt plate and the support plate and did cut the xadapt bolts. Made it fit, now it is perfect and I don't have to get the NEW dockglide wich seems to be the new glide and set version.

Jim B.

I have not actually completed installation yet, though it appears it will go well. I like the idea of this kit, as it allows me to mount the Hullaport Pro further outboard on the Aeroblade bars. It should be a bit easier on the back, keeping me in a straighter, more upright position during loading/unloading. I have two fairly minor negative comments. One is that the Thule instructions have contrary instructions. The diagram shows the adapter plate in one orientation; the written instructions (step 1) state to mount it in the opposite orientation. Both Dave (Rack Attack) and two different Thule CS reps have told me to ignore the diagram and follow the text. On this date, (two weeks after making phone contact) the same erroneous instructions are posted (though it appears Thule may have pulled them from their site). The other comment regards the included tool. Only one end can be used; the other was not drilled...a very minor point. I intend to buy a version of that tool with a straight shank and a handle to keep in the car. Other than that, fit is good, quality of kit components is good. Oh, and you won't have to worry about whether or not your moon roof is going to hit the bolts that extend down with the standard strap mounts.

2013 Toyota Rav 4

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