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Chris J

Customer left only a rating.


Amazing bike rack. I feel very secure with the way the rocky mount monorail is attached and the added locks that make me sleep easier at night. There is slight up and down play after bolting everything down, but it doesn’t affect the security of the rack. This is the 2” model attached to my 2” receiver.

Michael B

A great rack at a fair price. I had a more expensive brand of rack. The Rockymounts was $100 cheaper and a nicer rack. If your in the market for a quality rack, grab yourself one if these bad boys and thank me later !

Jessica A

There were a few issues we had with the rack. The locking mechanism doesn't work if the plug in for the wiring for your trailer is too close to the hitch receiver. Also, after securing the bolt all the way, it still left a little play up and down so it was a little bouncy. If you put the front tire lock too tight it's pretty tough to get up - I ended up denting the spoiler on my car because I was putting so much effort into trying to get it up that when I finally did the bike fell into my car. And locking the bikes with the cable to the rack is a bit tight - you basically have what amounts to a small crawl space area to squeeze between the back of the car and the bike to lock/unlock. But, it is fairly easy to get the bikes on/off and it's a pretty slim profile when you have the bikes off and lift the rack up out of the way. It's pretty easy to get the car rack on and off the car and for the price I'm happy with the rack.

Tobias K

Already owned a RockyMounts so I gave it another shot. Very happy, everything works perfectly and it was super easy to assemble. The only thing I miss from my BrassKnuckles is the locking mechanism; that would have been very easy to implement. Now it's two extra parts: the locking cable plus the lock pod.

Todd G

While the initial rack came in with two broken wheel trays, these have been replaced and the bike rack seems to work well.

Ken D

Customer left only a rating.

Peter M

Very east to assemble. I have ordered new bikes, so haven't actually used it yet. However it is very easy to tell that the quality is excellent. It is sufficiently heavy to ensure the quality, but not too hard to handle when getting on and off the vehicle

Mark K

Excellent product. Greater value than higher priced options. Highly recommend this bike rack.

Dany G

Customer left only a rating.

bill g

I feel confident that my bikes are safe on this carrier. Looks great.

Russell C

Appears to be solid and well built


Solid and tough, easy handle folding


Easy to build, seems nice and solid, 2 inch hitch mount is awesome. The first trip is in October but couldn't be more confident.

2015 Volkswagen Touareg / Touareg 2

Paul Belen

Its awsome bike rack

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander

M. Bergeron

Excellent product. A good improvement from Rocky mounts would be to have the front wheel hooks lockable. But the provided cable lock is long enough to attach front/rear wheels and frames of the two bikes which secures everythings.

2016 Acura RDX


Super easy to put together, and to use.


Looks and works great...really like it so far.


Great quality


Perfect for 2 bikes!

2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab

John B.

Definitely I am a happy customer. Very satisfied with my monorail and the service offered by Rack Attack; although my Item took over a month to ship, because of the pandemic. I waited patiently, but they always kept in touch by phone and email. Thank you again for your service.

2019 Nissan Pathfinder 4dr

Josh Roseboom

The rack is sturdy and easy to use but also heavier than most racks.

Naz Robert

Super produit. Solide, facile à assembler et surtout, facile à utiliser.

2016 Toyota Corolla 4dr

Cody Newton

Straight forward, well built and easy to use. Excellent for the price point.

2009 Honda CR-V

Andrew Wright

Awesome product. Very easy to use and attractive looking.

2015 Jeep Cherokee / Wagoneer


So far so good.

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander

Dean H.

This is a great rack. It's very solid, simple, and easy to use. The tilt positions work well and make it easy to get in the vehicle with or without bikes in place. My only complaint is that the handle for adjusting the tilt positions is a little difficult to reach when the rack is tilted down with two bikes in place. Otherwise, it's excellent. Highly recommended.

Y. Dybach

Very high quality.

2019 Toyota Highlander


Love the Rocky Mounts bike rack. Best rack we've owned. Lots of adventuring and MTB thanks to Rocky Mounts.

2012 Subaru Tribeca


Easy to use and well built. doesn't move around at all in the hitch.

2009 Toyota Tacoma Access / Xtra


Great rack; easy to install; works perfectly.


Easy to put on and take off. Solid when attached. Slightly prefer it to the Thule it replaced for ease of use.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Double/Quad C


Overall a very good bike rack so far. My only complaint is the locking system for the bikes seems like a flimsy cable. It will keep away the opportunist thieves, but anyone with a proper bolt-cutter will be able to get through the cable quickly. Works well enough to quickly run into the grocery store after a ride and not worry about my bike being taken.

2019 Toyota RAV4 5dr


Very well made, good materials; easy assembly and good instructions. Works well and particularly like the ability to tilt the loaded rack down with a pull of the handle to be able to open the rear hatch on my 2014 Odyssey. Cable lock and hitch lock features and a good addition. High quality and value pricing, Highly recommend

2014 Honda Odyssey


Pretty easy to put together, just follow the instructions. We can put two fat tire bikes on with no problem.


Sturdy construction, easy to follow directions. Exactly as advertised.

Sad Paul

I selected this rack for the ability to carry a range of bikes: road, mountain, fat. It does that fine. It is not as smooth as my buddy's Kuat NV, but I knew there was a reason I was saving some money. Pros: easy to assemble. Easy to install. Not light, but do-able. My experience with the rack and Rack Attack is disappointing. The front tires are held by plastic "cups or "wings.' I received a rack with a broken "wing." A call to Rack Attack directed me to the store that had shipped the rack to me. A call to that store said it should be a Rocky Mount problem, and said they would submit a request for a replacement part on my behalf. A few months later, no replacement part. If it shipped from your specific store that I had to deal with, shouldn't you make it good? I will buy my replacement cup from RockyMounts' website, and still have a decent, affordable rack, but i will resent the experience.

2008 Honda Odyssey


Easy to assemble. One of the wheels support near the exhaust pipe tend to melt a little.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe / Santa Fe


Easy to assemble. One of the wheels support on the rack is close to the exhaust pipe and tend to melt a little.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe / Santa Fe


The Rocky Mount Monorail bikerack received is exactly as described. It was easy to assemble and rides solidly in the hitch. It fits both my road and trail bikes.

2018 Lexus NX 200t


All parts in box; very easy to assemble; looks great on 2013 Forester and most importantly works great. So far I love it! A strip of reflector tape on the underside (so seen when in upright position) would be a nice addition

2013 Subaru Forester

Stewart Smith

I've been using the rack for about a week and love it. Well built and very sturdy while not being to heavy. I have several bikes and bought this rack to carry my Specialized Levo which is an e-bike and weighs around 50lbs. Now I can carry mine and a friends when its my turn to drive. I'm not crazy about the bike lock and will look for an alternative as I feel it would be easy for someone to break it.

2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek


Very nice unit and easy to use.

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander


Easy assembly, easy to put on the car and after a week I’m happy


Solid rack. Easy to assemble and load. Good price. Depending on the bikes you load, there may be some handlebar-saddle contact which could be an issue for some . You can't adjust the trays front and back - only side to side.

2016 Mazda CX-5

Ken Warren

Easy to assemble, easy to mount e-bike, and stable bike transport. Very satisfied.

2015 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

W. Huntley

Easy to use. Well made, with durable materials.


Very impressed with the quality...easy to assemble.


As expected - works great

Bill Piggins

Great features and great price.

Jessica H

Rack is great but the locks seam like one could break them easily. Will probably get different locks.


Strong rack for bikes! Old school design and doesn't break the bank. Easy to install and remove from vehicle, comes with extras, Rocky mountain goes the extra mile to satisfy!!

2012 Nissan Xterra


Picked one of these up for my 2" hitch on my 4runner. Was pretty impressed with the ease with which it folds up and down and i can fold it down with the bikes on and still open the hatch! I have many different bikes and they all fit well and were very secure while driving. I used to have a roof rack, never going back, these racks are great.

2016 Toyota 4 Runner Trail

Crew jones

Has to be the best rack ... no movement at all during a ride .. super easy set up and comes with locks !! Crazy to buy anything else !!


Excellent product. Install was easy... the rack is solid and bikes go on and off with ease. Accepts Fat bike with 5" tires no problem. No complaints.

2018 Dodge Durango


So far the rack is great. Love the fact that you can use it with a fat bike and you can adjust the tray back and forth to accommodate 2 similar size bikes without having to raise/lower the seat post.

Happy Customer

Great product. Much more sturdy and more clean details than I expected. Certainly a good value for the money.


Great price and great product. It was exactly what I needed to transport my ebike.


Solid rack, very easy to assemble, attaches to the vehicle as stated with no play whatsoever. Easy to load and unload bikes and adjust rack tilt. Will be purchasing the 3 bike extension next time it goes on sale.


This thing is super well-built, remarkably easy to assemble, and comes at an incredible price for the added features like the locking hitch pin and integrated cable lock. The threaded pin eliminates any sway. Comparing the RockyMounts MonoRail to the Kuat Transfer 2, the RockyMounts' ratchets are much more solid and the tilt mechanism placement is way more convenient. The only downside so far is the length of the tongue; it significantly decreases the angle of departure on cars without a ton of ground clearance or with lower, aftermarket hitches. With mindful driving, I don't foresee any problems. Other than that, awesome product.

2012 Honda CR-V


Just really an excellent rack. Holds all my multiple wheel sized bikes, even my fat bike. Amazing rack, excellent quality, why would i spend WAY more to get a T or Y brand?

Paul cC

Nice to know that for the 2 inch. I can add an extension for the 3rd bike in the future


Great product. Easy to assemble and install. Our 2 sondors x bikes fit great and very secure. Quick mount and dismount.

2006 Toyota Solara

Ron Granholt

Outstanding device. Holds 2 mountain, or 2 road bikes securely. Highly recommend it. Assembly is simple. Highly recommend it.

2017 Honda HR-V

Edward T

The Rockymounts Monorail hitch rack appears to be sturdy and well built. After much research and shopping, I believe it's one of the best values on the market. It was easy to assemble and truth be told, I have yet to carry bikes with it but I'm confident it will serve me well.

2018 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Steve K


steve j

Excellent rack. Simple to operate. We have owned it for 2 years and it is still like new. Excellent service. They took our old rack off, disposed of it and installed the new one as we waited.

Don W

Very easy to operate. Holds our 2 emtbs no problem. Really like the way it folds up and down as needed. The latch mechanism is really positive and easy to operate. There was one plastic piece that is really an aesthetic piece. It was poorly formed when manufactured and a simple phone call got it replaced.

Patti N

Rack was easy to assemble and easy to use. It has great features that will come in handy when travelling. It seems sturdy and doesn't rattle in the hitch. Works great on our Honda Accord Sedan.

Hanna Choi

Fantastic bike rack. Easy to install, easy to use.

James W.

It was fun to put together and looks pretty badass on my old volvo! I haven't taken it for a long drive yet, but I hit every pothole in my neighborhood and the bike didn't budge. It's one if the highest rated racks for a reason.

1994 Volvo 940 / 960 wagon

Kevin B

Great construction and feature set, at a lower price than the main comparable products (Thule). Very easy to operate the tilt function, holds the bikes solidly. Right out of the box it fits everything from road bike tires, to 5 inch wide fat tire bikes, as well as 29" mountain bikes, with no extra parts to buy (here's looking at you, Thule Classic). LOTS of clearance above the ground (note the 1-1/4" version sits up higher than the 2" version, maybe because most vehicles that only have 1-1/4" hitches have less ground clearance to begin with?).

Jared Tanton

Solid rack, feels secure on vehicles and makes me feel confident rolling around with the bikes on the back. Would recommend to anyone.


Completely satisfied. Solid, safe, affordable. Good product.


This rack performs very well. Great value. We are using it on our first trip and the bikes are stable and secure.

2017 Terrain Terrain

John Sulik

Best value rack

2013 Mazda 3 4dr


Great rack, very solid and compact.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen


very sturdy, good price value

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