mikenurm gave a rating of 5/5 on 6/4/2014

Great rack, had to shorten the shaft that goes into hitch reciever but works great, I use mine with my wifes womens mountain bike and it works fine, put rear wheel in strap side and tighten down frame grabber works like a charm


Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

PAE gave a rating of 5/5 on 3/27/2013

Well built with heavy duty parts.


Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

TomW gave a rating of 4/5 on 3/7/2012

I am the same "TomW" who provided the other review. It is too bad that a rating must be given in order to leave a comment because I would like to add to the previous comment as well as point out an additional problem to potential buyers. After posting my comment, Rack Attack added their comment that the rack may not hold a women's bike. I posted the comment immediately after opening the box and reading the instructions. I called Yakima and was told emphatically to not use it on a women's bike. I was disappointed to have the rack in my possession and to be finding out that info for the first time. I then immediately posted my review here to warn other buyers. I ended up taking a chance and installing the rack. With the use of two bungee cords the women's bike can be secured to the rack to my satisfaction. So I am keeping the rack and using bundee cords. HOWEVER, there is another very important issue. The rack may not fit your car! The rack does not fit my car without unbolting and removing a tray assembly each time before the rack is placed in the upright position. This is quite a nuisance! The link provided by Rack Attack for the "Fit Guide" leads to Yakima's site. I have tried this guide numerous times for my vehicle and each time the application goes dead. No measurements are provided in the Yakima catalog. However, using the search box on the Yakima site I found "Hitch Fit Tips". However, this article says that the rack will fit my car when in fact it does not fit in the closed position. It does fit in the open position. So my combine rating of 3.5 is not so much a rating for the rack, which I decided to keep. It is an appropriate rating to Yakima for its extremely poor job in providing necessary information. All throughout their catalog they try to write humorous things. The attempt at humor is an insult when they choose to put that in the catalog in place of important necessary information. The catalog lacks professionalism. However, my hope is that the rack will end up being much better than those people at Yakima who are responsible for the catalog and promoting their products. They failed miserably in providing important and necessary information. For potential buyers I provide this important number. In order to put the rack in the closed position without unbolting a tray each time, you may only have a maximum of 6 inches from the center of the hole in the hitch to the edge of the bumper. This info is only for a car without a rear-mounted spare tire.


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TomW gave a rating of 3/5 on 2/29/2012

WARNING: YAKIMA SAYS THAT WOMEN'S BIKES CAN NOT BE USED ON THE STICKUP! The rack can not be used on bikes with "severely sloped, angled tubes." Nor can an adapter bar be used on a women's bike because it will release with downward pressure.


Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

Ken S gave a rating of 5/5 on 10/24/2008

I have tried several racks of which none were satisfactory. The "stick-up" is the cats meow! I have a bike with a 35cc peddal assist engine above the rear wheel 60 lbs total and difficult to load on any rack but this one. ok on mountain roads. Very happy, a snap to install. Ken