Core gave a rating of 5/5 on 5/31/2014

The instructions are quite simple. I believe some people associate step by step instructions with loss of control and it triggers a negative psychological response. If you find yourself becoming angry while reading these instructions you should probably have someone instal it for you. Give in to the instructions and the pain will diminish and the satisfaction of accomplishment will overcome you as it all falls into place. My only critique is that Thule doesn't make a front end adapter for the Prologue for Yakima aero style bars. I'm trying to use Thule but it's painful having to modify adapters..


Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

Mike Hardy gave a rating of 2/5 on 7/24/2011

These work, but the instructions are not good for the Prologue bike tray at least. 1- instructions mention 3 bolts, 2 in the front and 1 in the rear. There is no third bolt to put in the rear - that's okay, but misleading 2- the nuts aren't capable of tightening the prologue down on the bar, the bolts are too long. You have to get some extra washers and use them on top of the provided washer, then it works. This is confirmed with a comment on amazon as well - I'm not the only one. Sellers should revise the instructions or provide guidance.



2point0 gave a rating of 5/5 on 7/14/2011

I believe the poor reviews were for an older or different model. There is no way for this product to rattle if used correctly. As for the directions- There are pictures that clearly show the 3 steps required for the REALLY basic installation. I am actually a bit upset I delayed buying this because of the bad (and incorrect) reviews.


Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

Jay gave a rating of 4/5 on 3/19/2011

They do work well, however seams like Thule could have made the design a bit less complicated.



Pat gave a rating of 5/5 on 2/27/2011

very easy to install...its called "reading comprehension" which i guess some people lack.



jalabert gave a rating of 0/5 on 7/21/2009

0 Rating, only because there's no negative rating. Instructions are rubbish, a total after thought. The rattling noise is awful and unsettling. The carriers are great, but this this, please.



Phil E gave a rating of 5/5 on 7/6/2009

I just purchased the 400XTR Rapid Aero bars and foot pack, along with the Echelon Bike Carriers (2) and the XAdapt9 kit. The installation was quite simple, although setting it up the first time took a little while, which is to be expected. As I drove around with the Echelon Bike Carriers on the car, I noticed a rattling sound coming from the area where the XAdapt9 kit fastens to the Echelon bike carrier (on the rear Aero bar). The problem is that the XAdapt9 fastener plate does not fit as tightly as it should inside the bottom of the Echelon bike carrier - so it rattles from left to right and a little up and down as well. However, I found a solution that has worked great! I went to my local Home Depot and (in the aisle where all the nuts and bolts are kept) found a 2" diameter rubber washer (very thin) with a small hole in the middle. I removed the fastener plate from the Echelon carrier and then stretched the hole of the rubber washer around the two prongs that fit up and inside the underside of the Echelon carrier - it's snug, but it does work. When I reinserted the fastener plate (now with the rubber washer attached) into the underside of the Echelon carrier, it was a little difficult getting it started, but once it found the track, I could slide it all the way up to where it fastens to the rear Aero bar. I also placed a little piece of the rubber strip (included with the Aero bars) where the fastener plate sits on top of the Aero bar. The result is that I have eliminated the rattle and the problem is solved! Hope this helps if you experience the same problem I had. Rack on!



Kevin gave a rating of 0/5 on 6/30/2009

Absolutely THE stupidest mechanism I've ever seen for securing a bike tray to a crossbar. The only thing more disappointing than the item itself is the alleged installation manual.



Richard gave a rating of 0/5 on 5/2/2009

Bought 2 racks and these adapter kits locally in Calgary and agree with other comments here that this kit is awful and spoils the rest of the product.


Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

akira gave a rating of 0/5 on 4/24/2009

I can't agree more with the other reviews. Absolutely the worst designed adapter kit. The instructions are even worse. Step 6 graphic shows (2) Allen bolts instead of (2) nuts. Unless there's a bolt to bolt connection I'm not aware of. Come on Thule, you can do better than that!



Suzie gave a rating of 0/5 on 4/12/2009

terrible!!!! the xdapter9...does not make sense that I have to purchase an ugly adapter for these new sleek areo bars. Funny how i found the latest bike racks available in europe, thule outride 561, that has the right sleek design without the extra adapters...dont think they should sell the areo bars in the USA until they have all accessories available for it. very disappointed.



bcobb gave a rating of 1/5 on 7/4/2008

This XADAPT9 product is horrendous and the instructions are worse. It seems like an afterthought. What happened to the great Thule designs? I am going to return my entire Thule rack system and get a Yakima or something else.



Jon gave a rating of 0/5 on 6/6/2008

This is quite possible the worst designed system ever and Thule admints it! I have two problems with these adapter kits. 1. rear wheel tray adapter rattles everytime I hit a bump, and this rattle reverberates through the entier car. This is super anoying. 2. This is more subjective, but I think it looks terrible. I like the sleek look of Areo rack, they have a very clean look compared to most racks, but these adapter plates are very large and look like an afterthought in their design.