Wmorgan asked on 3/9/2013:

Vehicle: 2003 Honda Odyssey
Does this item include the cross bars or is it just the feet

Hi There,

The 450R Rapid Crossroad pack only includes the feet. It would require the purchase of Thule Aeroblades to make it fit on your vehicle.

Rack Attack


leo asked on 6/17/2012:

Vehicle: 2002 bmw x5
I am interested in the thule 450R with aero bars. Will this work with my older thule bike carriers (echelon) & yakima sky box?

The 450R looks to be a good fit with your vehicle provided that you have the raised rails. Aero bars have been discontinued and replaced with aero Blades they are more aerodynamic and much quieter on the highway. Your Echelon should have the proper mounting hardware if it has the carriage bolts with the rubber coated plates, or you can pick up an Xadapt 9 this is a kit containing T bolts that slide in the track of your aero blade giving it a cleaner look. Most boxes are fine, the only issue you might have is that your hatch might hit the box when open, try to fit the back bar about 20" forward of the hatch.


myfirstracksystem asked on 1/3/2012:

Vehicle: 2010 HONDA PILOT
Dear friends at Rack attack,
I am searching for the best rack option to install on my Honda Pilot 2010, which will be better the 450R or just 450??? Which of them has a bigger weight resistance? So far i am staying with Thule but if you can give some advice on other it will be great to hear!

The 450 and 450R will carry the same capacity. That said, the 450R will be quieter than the standard 450 system from Thule.

There are other racks that will fit this vehicle but the 450R is the best in our opinion.

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Keith asked on 12/20/2011:

How many do you get when ordering quantity of 1? If i want two bars on my roof, will I have to order 4? If so, then that's ridiculously pricey...


The Thule 450R Rapid Crossroad system includes 4 towers, meaning it will carry a set of two crossbars.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call here at the Boston location, the number here is 508 879 1444. Thanks!


Fred asked on 12/12/2011:

Vehicle: 2007 volvo xc90
does the Product Code : 100450R come with load bars as well as the rail/foot assmebly?

Hey Fred,

Nope, that's just a set of 4 "feet". On the '07 Volvo XC90 you would need the Thule ARB53" bars to go with it. You might also consider getting a pack of locks to secure the system to the roof of your vehicle due to the ease of removal. We have all of this in stock in our St. Louis Park store and would be happy to answer any questions. Feel free to call us at the number listed below.

Peter in Minneapolis