Chris asked on 1/6/2014:

Vehicle: 2014 Acura MDX
Hi, Will the 91725U fit my flat blade like cross bars for the 2014 MDX ? Also what is the diffrence between this rack and others that cost more ? Its hard to tell online


This rack will fit the bars and the difference between these racks is simply the hardware to mount them. This carrier has a plastic bracket with a couple of bolts for each. The others come with quick mount hardware that is faster and easier to use. If you need further assistance feel free to contact us directly at 888-399-RACK. Thank you.

Rack Attack


Israel asked on 12/27/2013:

Vehicle: 2005 Chrysler Pacifica
Hi there! This rack Will fit my factory roof top bars on my pacífica?

Hi Israel
Yes, the 91725U will fit the factory bars of the Pacifica.


Martin asked on 11/19/2013:

Vehicle: 2012 Ford Edge / Edge Sport
Will it fit factory rack?

Hi Martin
Yes, the 91725U will fit the factory rack of the Ford Edge 2012, as long as you have the crossbars installed.


Livngud asked on 10/13/2013:

Vehicle: 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Just wondering if this rack will fit my jeep without any extra hardware. It has factory crossbars.

hi Living-Good,

the 91725U should fit your crossbars w/o the need for the xadapt7. the oversized crossbars it refers to in the instructions are over 3" wide and 2" tall.




Mark asked on 11/4/2012:

Vehicle: 2012 Mini Clubman 4dr
I have a mini clubman with Mini Cooper roof rails and cross bar could I make this fit?


You may have to get the longer bolts for the 91725U, which would be an Xadapt7 since the Mini style crossbars are thicker than most. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-888-399-RACK.

Thanks, Rack Attack Boston