Lucky M asked on 7/17/2012:

Vehicle: 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew cab
Will this rack carry an aluminum boat? Is there an option for securing a longer load above the cab as well? Thank you.

Dear Lucky:

The 422 Xsporter has a weight limit of 450lbs so if your boat is lighter than that the 422 can carry it. As far as the cab is concerned, you would just have to put a single crossbar on top to carry a longer load. The single crossbar however will have a weight limit of about 160lbs.

Thank you


Corey asked on 6/29/2012:

Vehicle: 2010 ford f-150
I am having trouble sliding the rails up and down with ease what am I missing

Hey Corey,

I've run into the same thing before when installing this, luckily it's an easy fix. Your best bet is to loosen up the bases (the 4 posts that clamp around the bedrail) and then slide the bars up and down, you may need to lubricate the bars to ease this. After sliding them up and down, re-tighthen the bases.


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Steve asked on 5/21/2012:

Vehicle: 2001 chevy 1500 extended cab
will this fit my truck


Yes the Thule 422XT will fit your truck. If you have further questions please call us at 508-879-1444.

Thank You,
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Jessica Donart asked on 5/7/2012:

Vehicle: 2001 Ford Ranger Super Cab 4dr
Do this rack come with the crossbars?


The Thule 422xt is a complete truck bed system. It includes it's crossbars and locks.

Thanks again!
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Aaron asked on 5/6/2012:

Vehicle: 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 4dr
Will this fit my truck without adapters and is the Thule 810 SUP Taxi able to easily install onto the 422XT


The 422XT is an approved fit for your vehicle without any adapters. The SUP Taxi is designed for use on basically any crossbars, so you shouldn't have any problems mounting it to those bars. If you have any other questions, feel free to call our Boston store at 508 879 1444. Thanks!


Thule 422XT Xsporter Aluminum Truck Rack asked on 4/18/2012:

Vehicle: 2012 Ford F-150 super Crew Reg FX4
Will the Thule 422XT Xsporter Aluminum Truck Rack fit my truck without modification?

Bed mounted racks like the 422xt will not work with Tonneau covers or a truck cap. Also if you have a bedliner insert, installation of the rack may require triming of the bedliner.

F-150 trucks that have a bed-mounted track system will experience an interference that prevents installation of the rack. The Xsporter will not fit stepside/flareside trucks.

If your truck does not have either of the above options then the 422xt will fit. So if you do not have the bed mounted track or flare side box and you have no bedliner then 422xt will fit your truck.



happyhal asked on 4/13/2012:

Vehicle: 2005 gm silverado 2500HD
I have a chevy silverado 2500Hd and qould like to know if this is the right size ladder rack for my truck??and is the installation quick and easy

Hi happyhal,

The Thule 422XT Xsporter will work for your vehicle. It also comes with a set of load stops to keep your ladders from moving side to side. The installation is not very hard. It will probably take a couple of hours the first time. Thule provides step by step instructions. The instructions are listed in pdf form on our website if you want to take a look.

Hope this helps,



DThigpen asked on 3/3/2012:

Vehicle: 2004 Ford F-150
I have a 2004 F-150 will the 422XT fit my truck? Also I will be using the rack to haul surfboards, is there an accessory that I can purchase to secure surfboards?

The Thule 422xt will mount onto your Ford truck. This system is a great truck rack with 450lbs of support. I like using the Thule 809 Double-Decker Surfboard Carrier. This system can mount on to any crossbar. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 303-278-4999.
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gbw asked on 2/25/2012:

Vehicle: 2010 Toyota Tacoma
Will the Thule 422XT Xsporter Aluminum Truck Rack fir my truck?


The 422XT is an approved fit for your truck, however you will need an adapter kit for the factory rails you have. That kit is called the XK1, it's made specifically for the Tacoma. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 800 399 RACK. Thanks!


Kyle asked on 2/3/2012:

Vehicle: 2001 Chevrolet S-10
Can the rack be removed when not in use?


The Thule 422XT can easily be removed when not in use as it just clamps to the side of the truck bed.

Furthermore, the bars can be lowered when not in use to prevent noise and wind drag.

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Luis Perez asked on 12/28/2011:

Vehicle: 2005 Ford F250
Does this truck rack fits my truck?

Hi Luis,

The 422xt fits your truck and is a great rack as well.

Thanks for your inquiry,
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Don asked on 12/2/2011:

Vehicle: 2007 toyota tundra
Mine is a stock truck , do I need the XK2 adaptors? or only if I have a factory bed rail which I dont. I tried a Yakima outdoorsman and it works ok but there is alot of sise to side sway , not from the rack but from my limited bed rail.

Thule does require the XK2 for Toyota users. On both of my fit guides it does use the part. All tundras will need to used the adpater. In my experience with with the 422 it is always very solid. If you have any questions you can contact us at 303-278-4999
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rudy asked on 11/14/2011:

Vehicle: 2004 chevy 2500
will the thule 422 xsporter fit my chevy 2500?

Hey Rudy,

Looks like the 422XT from Thule will work out great on the 2004 Chevy 2500. It will hold on to the sides of the bed and give you a solid rack capable of carrying up to 450 pounds. One thing to note is that this application doesn't work if you have a tonneau cover on there already. If you've got any further questions, or want to place an order with one of our rack guys, give us a call at 888-399-7225.

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Frank asked on 10/28/2011:

Vehicle: 2011 Nissan Frontier
Can you adapt this to work with a tonneau cover??

Hey Frank,

Unfortunately, the Thule 422XT needs to clamp around the bedrails of the truck, so you would not be able to use it in combination with a tonneau cover.

Alternatively, you could consider the TracRac TRComp rack system. This mounts into the stake pockets, on top of the bedrails so it does not usually interfere with a tonneau cover.

Hope this helps, thanks,

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