Marcia asked on 12/23/2011:

Vehicle: 2011 Honda CRV
It looks like no cross bars are needed is that correct? Are they thief proof? Is the rack easy to remove from car if snowboards are on them?Is this a good brand and do you have any other recommendations. My Honda CRV only has factory side rails, no crossbar.

The SportRack Aero BR53 Deluxe only locks the skis Or boards down. it does not lock to the vehicle. As long as you have the raised rail going from the front to the back of the vehicle they will mount up.


thome9 asked on 12/6/2011:

Vehicle: 2010 Subaru Forester (premium)
Hi i was wondering if this woudl fit my 2010 Forester? It already has the side rails.


Hello Shane,

That should not be a problem. Feel free to stop by our shop in St. Louis Park and we can try it on for you as i have one on display in our showroom. You can also call us at the number below with any questions.

Peter in Minneapolis
4170 Excelsior Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416


Russ asked on 12/5/2011:

Vehicle: 2004 Ford Explorer
I would like to verify that the SportRack Aero BR53 Deluxe will work with my 2004 Explorer with factory raised side rails. I do not have crossbars. If so, do this unit come with everything I need or do I need to purchase two units?


Thank you for your email. Yes the BR53 will fit directly to the raised rails on your vehicle. It is a complete system so you only need to purchase one unit. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Rack Attack


caseyg asked on 11/17/2011:

Vehicle: 2010 Scion XD
1) Would the SportRack Aero BR53 Deluxe ski rack fit my 2010 Scion XD?

2) Do you have to drill holes in the roof top to mount the brackets? The above photo makes it look like it has to be bolted into the roof.


This will not work on your XD, you will need either a Thule or Yakima base system, and then you can install the ski carriers. Thank you.