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Thule TB60 60 Inch Top-Track with Bolts

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All necessary mounting hardware included and installation was quite easy.

Kenneth Cowan

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Just installed these on the roof of my popup camper and couldn't be happier with the whole fit and finish of the Thule kit. Everything you need is here and didn't have to go shopping for anything else to make it work.

2011 Coleman Evolution E1


I had these on my camper shell on my last truck and will be putting them on the shell of my new truck to move my Thule racks over. Great system with a very nice fit and finish. The paint fades on the tracks after about 1 year, but still works and doesn't rust, it just blemishes. When putting the TK1 fit kit in here, you will notice that the channel is a little narrow, so you have to go in at a 45 degree angle as you attach/insert the fit kit into these channels/rails. To me, this is a plus, because it means that if your TK1 kit ever loosens, it's not likely to come out on its own.

2005 Nissan Frontier

prius man

The parts seem to be quality enough. The only part that gave me a hard time was the rivets. The nut and bolt setup they give you to install the rivets extremely hard to use and did not hold up the torque needed to properly be set. I would have easily paid 30 dollars extra for a rivet tool to be included in the pack. Other than that it seems to do its job and look nice.

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