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Yakima 2 Pack SKS Cores
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"Unparalleled service, expert advice, and professional installation."
- Ryan D. Martin CEO Yakima
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The Yakima 2 Pack SKS Cores

Yakima Rack Lock

Yakima locks offer complete locking and security solutions for car racks including bike, surfboard, canoe, kayak, ski and snowboard racks. Yakima's Same Key System (SKS) lock cores lock and unlock with the same key.


  • Includes 2 Yakima lock cylinders and keys
  • Same Key System secures all your lockable Yakima accessories with a single key
  • You can buy what you need or anticipate growth!
  • One key to unlock everything
  • Enter your lock code in your order comments to match your current Yakima locks
  • Matching lock cores can take up to 2 weeks, should we not have them in stock, as they are special order from the manufacturer


Weight: 0.25lbs

Length (carton): 4.5"

Width (carton): 3.75"

Height (carton): 1.5"

UPC: 736745072025

Manufacturer: Yakima

Manufacturer Part Number: 8007202

Yakima Warranty and Registration

Yakima warranty and product registration.

Yakima Warranty and Registration

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Excellent product but should really be included with you accessory given the prices yakima is charging. Feels a bit like a money grab to sell it seperately.

2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab


'Have used these before for kayak saddles. They work very well - as expected.

2017 Toyota Prius


Work well with my front loader rack.

2012 Subaru Forester


They fit the accessories such as the accessory lock housing just fine, BUT BEWARE: if you intend to use these with keys you already have, you're better off going to a store and trying to find cores that match your keys. Otherwise you'll be sent a random core numbered anywhere between A131 and A155. (There's no option to select online.)


Easy to install and use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions for this product. If you need more assistance you can email a rack-install technician, or call us at: 1-877-432-8301

Don't worry! While the instructions mention needing a blank "insert key" to install the locks, it's not actually required. By using the keys provided you can insert your lock cores into your racks without issue. You will need the blank key to remove lock cores, but never to install them.