Kuat NV Core Lock Kit

Kuat NV Core Lock Kit
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Rating of 3.0/5 on 1 reviews
Product Code: 7PCLock
Status: Discontinued
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The Kuat NV Core Lock Kit comes with a cable lock to lock up your bikes and a threaded hitch lock to tighten and secure your NV Core to your receiver. Keep the hooligans honest with this all in one security solution.


  • Adds bike and rack security to the NV Core hitch bike rack
  • Keys included


Weight: 3lbs

Length (carton): 12"

Width (carton): 8"

Height (carton): 4"

UPC: 896581002270

Manufacturer: Kuat

Manufacturer Part Number: PCLOCK

Kuat Warranty Claim

Kuat warranty claims.

Kuat Warranty Claim

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What a pain in the ass! The tool sent to remove and re- install the screws holding the end caps was. very difficult to use. Care had to be taken not to strip the heads, which was very difficult. Happy to have this done, but now i am wishing i had just gone for the NV and had these locks already installed.

2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser


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Don't worry! While the instructions mention needing a blank "insert key" to install the locks, it's not actually required. By using the keys provided you can insert your lock cores into your racks without issue. You will need the blank key to remove lock cores, but never to install them.

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