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Thule 847 Outrigger II Kayak Rack

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Good, helpful product BUT BE CAUTIOUS about compatibility with Thule Square Bars! Unmentioned in Rack Attack's product description of this item is the fact that it will not work with the currently sold, new evo square bars with the slot in the bottoms and their compatible Raised Rail foot packs. This product only works with the LB model Square Bars which have been phased out, and were made prior to 2019 I believe. Thule's official website explains this in the Outrigger II product description though.

2015 Subaru Forester


Good product BUT only works with the old style square bars PRIOR TO 2019 and feet that go with them. These are the LB model square bars that are not usually sold anymore. The new EVO bars with the slits on the underside do not allow the use of this product. Thule's website specifies this, but Rack Attack's product description does not. I unknowingly ordered it with the Evo Raised Rail footpack and the Squarebar 118, and no one on online chat or at the Rack Attack store it shipped from alerted me of the incompatibility. When I called Rack Attack about my problem after everything was delivered, I was told by their store representative that I would have to pay for the return shipping, and they would not. I emailed them, explaining again in detail that I had no way of knowing about this incompatibility from their website or online chatting prior to ordering, and they reimbursed me for most of my UPS return costs. I ended up finding my required foot pack online at a different vendor, as Thule has discontinued it. So I would say that Rack Attack made it right eventually, and for the most part, but please be careful which square bars you intend to use this with as the compatible ones are being phased out by Thule.

2015 Subaru Forester


I'm 5'3 and kayak fish mostly alone so this bar helps by extending out my front load bar. Installation was very very fast. I have square THULE load bars. The bar is strong enough to hold my Dagger Zydeco 9ft. I'm thinking of getting a second one for the back load bar to use on the driver side when I have 2 kayaks to load.

2003 Subaru Baja


I have a wonderful Thule rack system and 2 Hula port Pro Adapters. I also use the Aero bars. It is really sad that this new Thule 847 outrigger II doesn't adapt to the more expensive Aero Bars. Come on Thule lets get them out there for people who don't have the standard bars. I would definitely purchase a set of these bars if they would work with my aero bars, as the concept is great, especially after a long day of Kayaking.

2006 Honda Element

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