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Kuat Transfer-2 Bike-Gun Metal Gray Bike Rack

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Easy to install verry recommended product

Chris Brown

The rack is awesome. UPSis a hopeless delivery company. Always late and there’s no information at all about why or when it will be delivered. It just shows up whenever they feel like it. Find a better delivery company.

2016 Honda CR-V


A little too early to tell, however I have used the rack to transport both Road and MTB's. Securing MTB is much easier than securing road bikes, due to lower tire pressures. The amount of down force necessary to secure is considerable (and I'm 200 lbs). The main reason I purchased the rack was for my wife to transport her road bike. She has considerable difficulty getting the arm tight against the fork (front brake assembly) to prevent back and forth bike wobble, which puts into question the security of the bike on the rack.


I bought this rack about 4 years ago. It did have some short comings - namely, there was an obvious amount of wobble in the rack when driving. A little disconcerting at first, but I quickly learned to trust that it wasn't going to come apart. There were very few other downsides, especially given its price relative to the competition. However, after a couple of years I began to notice quite a bit of rust. Despite my best efforts to keep it clean, and removing it in winter, the rust got progressively worse. About a month ago I contacted Kuat and asked if this was considered normal. After giving them pictures of my rack they immediately said they were going to ship me a new rack - free of charge. They even included a brand new lock set since one of mine had seized up. It is rare to find customer service that good these days. I hope I don't need to in the near future, but when the time comes I will buying another Kuat!

2019 Subaru XV Crosstrek


Used twice, works great so far. Love how easy to put up and down.

2014 Subaru Forester


Assembly could be a bit easier and the locking mechanism for the arms could be improved with a ratcheting feature. It would help if the instructions gave a torque spec for the hardware.

Jonathan Brechner

So far so good. Putting it together is a ... (insert something that equates to a pain in butt). Hard to reach the petal to raise or lower without lifting the arms. No locking anything...just so you know.

W. Reeves

I haven't been able to use the rack yet. Mine came with a defective part. Dealing with Kuat so far has been incredible. Still waiting on the replacement part, but believe it will be fine.

2017 Acura RDX


quality product, good instructions on how to assemble

2016 Audi Q5

Va rider

The Kuat Transfer is easy to use and easy to install/remove from the vehicle. The adjustable tire trays are nice to make two bikes fit without interference. The only negative I see is the location of the release for the swivel is perfect for damage when another car bumps you parallel parking.

2012 Volvo XC60

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