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Kuat Transfer Bike Rack

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Sean H

Great rack, holds the bike well and looks good. Easy to build and adjust. I have a 29” wheel and it JUST fits over the tire with a bit of push, otherwise, absolutely great rack!

2017 Chevrolet Cruze 4dr

Kent Richeson

OK so we have only owned the Kuat Transfer for 2 weeks and so far so trip to and from the bike shop for a tune up...easy on and easy off with the bikes...a huge improvement over our previous model....then a trip for a short ride and the bikes were very stable at highway speed (70mph).....driving up to the bike shop the owner remarked you guys got a great rack....and a neighbor came up to us and said she had owner hers for three years and she was well pleased so I am confident we made a solid purchase....I am also a big researcher and the reviews were all very favorable.

2018 Honda Pilot

Kent Richeson

OK so we have only had this two weeks....basically to shuttle the bikes to and from a tune-up and one quick ride....the rack was easy to assemble...and so far the bikes are easy to get on and off and very stable on the our neighborhood one owner congratulated us on our purchase and said she loved hers over the past three years and when we pulled up to the bike tune-up place the owner said you guys got an awesome rack ! Price point is outstanding and quality seems top notch.

2018 Honda Pilot

Barry Alloway

I have only used the rack once so far. I am pleased how easy it is to load and unload bikes. I am somewhat concerned about the long term durability of the plastic parts.

2007 Honda Pilot

Gary Musson

Easy to put together and works great on my Highlander. Able to use backup camera while stored.

2017 Toyota Highlander

Richard Mitchell

After our first Transfer 2 was destroyed in a car accident it was a no brainer to replace it with the same model, and the matte black is even nicer than the previous silver one. This rack is easy to use and gives great access to the tailgate of our Nissan Rogue.

2019 Nissan Rogue


Very satisfy for this buy.

2019 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Sam Krausz

Just installed it. Seems to be working well and looks good. Doesn't fully block the rear view camera on my CRV and seems fairly stable. Ligther than comparable racks too.

2018 Honda CR-V


Such a great bike rack! After going to a few shops in town who recommend racks 700+ this fits my needs perfectly! Plus the black looks great on my blue Q5!

2015 Audi Q5


Easy assambly and easy to use. Everything work as it should. The bike are kept tight in place. Only down side is the locking hitch pin is sold separately. But over all great product.

2015 Toyota 4 Runner Trail

desmond may

I recently purchased a Transfer 2 rack along with the locking cable and pin kit to secure the rack and bicycles from Rack Attack in Coquitlam BC, Canada. After installation, it became apparent that the locking pin is completely useless. This is due to the racks hinge pin that is located right next to the hitch, is the exact same bolt, but without any security features whatsoever. This means it would be extremely easy to simply loosen this bolt using an allen key, and walk away with the entire rack and it's contents. After spending $500 for the kit and rack, I'm super frustrated. I'm not sure I would be able to return it as I have now fully installed and used it before realizing this flaw. I've reached out to Kuat for help, hopefully they can offer a solution.

2003 Nissan Pathfinder 4dr

Dave Rochester

Great rack, excellent price point

2014 F 150 Pickup 4dr Sup F 150 Pickup 4dr Sup


A solid bike rack that weighs less than other platform racks, though it’s definitely still heavy. My Jetta Sportwagen feels a bit weighed down when I’ve got three bikes on the back, but it does ok!

2014 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon / SportW


Works great.

2004 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Mega


If you're looking for an inexpensive platform rack this is a great choice. Ive owned a Yakima in the past, which was good too, but this one offers 1,2,3,4 bike versions. It has a step on feature that allows you to lower the rack with bikes on it or raise is up vertical with no bikes. I can lower it with all the spaces full of bikes and open the tailgate on my Honda Pilot. You can use this on a 2' or 1.25" hitch with no additional parts needed. What really Surprised me is when I looked at the tools needed I went to gather them. one was a 19 mm wrench. my set only went to 18mm so I was going to use a crescent wrench. I was Very surprised to find out that it included the tools, not just any tools. They were real tools you would buy of the shelf. A 19 mm chrome vanadium wrench worthy od keeping. and some top quality Allen wrenches.. There are available locks for the bikes and hitch pin that can be built in, which I highly recommend. They are an additional $50-$60. The company is out of Missouri I believe. The only negative which hasn't caused any issues is the instillation instructions on some parts were difficult to know how hard to torque with no explanation and to keep the parts moving freely it seemed like they need to be looser then I would like. I will be checking some bolts after each use for a while. Over all seem like a great purchase at a great price


Solid, Easy to load and off, premium material. Now - why did I take away a star: 1. Lock accessories are extra 2. Bike lock accessory is not necessary fool proof, because it is not inbuilt 3. Rather heavy for comparative 3 bike racks (they are taking some margin for themselves for this price point) 4. For my sedan, 1.25" Class II hitch with tongue weight of 200kgs, this rack + 3 bikes seem heavy. Not confident on a bumpy road to go at steady speed. I slow down to compensate. 5. In stowed mode while no bikes on the rack, I see a wobble. Not that it affects anything, but gives me a feeling, is it all fine.

2013 Honda Accord/Hybrid 4DR

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