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Kuat NV Base 2.0 Add-On - 2 Inch - 2 Bike - Sandy Black Bike Rack

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Nick Forbes

The NV 2.0 is the top of the line for tray-style racks. It's loaded with features and quality-made. I'm extremely happy with this product. The price is about 30% higher than Thule or Yakima products in this category, but it is very difficult to compare other tray-style racks to the NV 2.0. The construction, materials, and finish provide a longer-lasting product. But it's the features that set this rack apart from the competitors including: - Smooth action: All of the parts move with precision. No catching, clunking, sticking, or grinding! - The integrated locks. They're much easier to use being on a cable - The anti-rattle mechanism is the best on the market and by far the easiest to use - The foot-pedal latch to lower or raise the rack - The built-in bike repair stand is neat but not super practical I own a Thule T2 Pro system but we upgraded to the Kuat rack for my wife's vehicle as it is so much easier to operate.

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