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Thule 45050 Complete Crossroad System

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I purchased the 45050 Crossroad base system for a 2013 Toyota Rav-4. I decided on 50�bars as I thought that 58� bars might be just a bit too wide for this vehicle creating head/eye issues when getting in or out of the vehicle. In addition to the base system, I also purchased a Thule Sonic L cargo box and a Thule 599 XTR Big Mouth bike rack. I am also utilizing two big mouth bike racks that I already have been using for a number of years. I will utilize two configurations. One is the cargo box/one bike rack set-up and two is three bike rack set-up. The 50� bars easily handles either set-up. If you wish to add one more bike rack to the cargo box set-up then you will need 58� bars. You can likely add one additional bike rack for a total of four on the all bike rack set-up but I do not have four bikes to test it out but I think you could if you mount the racks alternating fore and aft. Install of the system on this vehicle is very easy. You should be aware that the side rails on this vehicle are not parallel. The front feet are approximately 42� on center while the rears are approximately 35�. The only issue is that you will not get a clean look with the bars. The rear bar will extend longer than the front bar. It is not an exaggerated look and is of no issue to me or the functionality of the system. The side rails follow the contour of the aerodynamic roof design. This means that you will not get a level set-up on your bars or accessories. That said, it is not an issue really as the finished set-up on either configuration does not show a dramatic difference to the naked eye and I felt that a shim was not necessary to compensate for the approximately 1.5 inch deviation over the entire length of the set-up. With this above info in mind, here is the set-up I used. I mounted the front bar as far forward on the rails as possible. I mounted the rear bar at 32� on center with the front bar. This I determined was the best placement to avoid the hatch door and rubber antenna mounted on the rear of the roof. This also allowed for the widest footprint mounting of the cargo box which I think gives the most stability. I pushed the bars all the way through to the passenger�s side. I mounted the cargo box as far over on the passenger side as allowable, past the mounting feet, with the bike rack on the driver�s side. After a test drive, I confirmed my thoughts and went with this set-up with no further adjustments. With this info, a person should be able to complete a set-up in a half hour max including opening the boxes and changing any lock cores. It really is that easy. Rack Attack staff were fantastic. Helpful with any questions I had and they followed through with the products that they had responsibility for. The cargo box is dropped shipped from the Midwest. The box was ordered appropriately but was lost, damaged or both by the shipper. This was NOT RA�s fault. Once notified, RA handled the reorder and made sure it was expedited by the shipper. The box was delivered in four days from notification. RA is a five star vendor in my book and I will most definitely do business with them again in the future without hesitation. THANKS RA!

2013 Toyota Rav4

John II

As a lifetime believer in Thule we purchased the Crossroad without hesitation. It was on the truck and supporting a kayak in 20 minutes... Not bad for a quick get away, aye? A "Shout Out" to the good people at Rack Attack!!!

2001 Ford Supercrew (with topper)


Bought two sets of these, one on my SUV and one on my minivan. Used mainly for hauling kayaks. You can install these in 10 minutes per vehicle without breaking a sweat. I recommend the thule locks as well. Product looks great, installs easily, and is thule quality.

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