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Thule 625 Force XL
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Rating of 3.0/5 on 3 reviews
Product Code: 100625
Status: Discontinued
"The folks at Rack Attack are true experts in this category."
- Fred Clark, CEO Thule
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The Thule 625 Force XL

Thule Cargo Box

The Thule 625 Force XL cargo box offers value and space while still offering key conveniences. The 625 Force XL has a cargo capacity of 17 cubic feet and is only available in matte black.


  • 17 cubic feet of storage space
  • Diamond-textured AeroSkin lid is durable and the aerodynamic shape helps cut through the air
  • Tool-free quick-grip mounting system attaches box to rack in less than 5 minutes
  • Oversized SecureLock ensures the box is closed securely
  • Dual-side opening for loading/unloading from either side of the vehicle
  • Fits Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks
  • Product Dimensions: 84" x 34.5" x 17"

Buying Notes

This cargo box will ship directly from the manufacturer, please allow an estimated 1 - 2 weeks delivery time.


Weight: 57lbs

Length (carton): 85"

Width (carton): 36"

Height (carton): 17"

UPC: 091021844872

Manufacturer: Thule

Manufacturer Part Number: 625

Thule Warranty

Thule warranty information.

Thule Warranty

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I bought this box for 6 months with minimal use. One day I came home noticing a curious side crack measuring about 6 inches, towards the back on one side. Days later, I realize there was another crack on other other side of the box towards the back, perfectly symmetrical to the other crack! The car with the box has never entered a garage with inadequate clearance. It was never stored sideways. When stored, it was elevated and supported with 4 chairs. I went through my dealer, as per the warranty claim procedure through Thule. It was denied. I then contacted Thule directly through a customer support representative. I was told it is not warranted because it is not a manufacturing defect per their technicians. I asked for an explanation of how these symmetric cracks come about, to my question she answered, road debris. Not taking unreasonable denial, I am pursuing with a formal complaint, and demanding an answer of how road debris can create symmetric damage on either side of the box. I examine and re-examine the box. I am reasonably confident that the hinge in the rear is too strong for the flexible box's own good. Every time the box is closed the rear side is stressed, eventually causing the cracks. I will be working on pictures and videos to supplement my comments. My email has been sent, but I have not heard back. It has taken weeks with each email before I hear back. Perhaps ignoring is another strategy on top of blaming customers to deal with warranty claims? I am extremely disappointed with Thule. I previous thought Thule is simply the best. Not any more. With customer service as I experienced, they really will need to do way more than just replacing the box to regain my confidence in their brand.

2012 Toyota Highlander


It's lovely. Don't get bored of coat racks.. I saw the nciset one at the weekend at a flea market, but it was sadly to big for my car.. buu huu! It was rusty and everything.. ;(hx



Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions for this product. If you need more assistance you can email a rack-install technician, or call us at: 1-877-432-8301

While the weight limit of your roof rack may differ, cargo boxes can hold up to 165 pounds.

While you will want to take some measurements of your bag, any of the Thule XL (or XXL) boxes would be would be a great pick. XL size Thule boxes have 17 cubic feet of space and about 17 inches of height depending on the box. Just make sure to measure the distance from your rear roof bar to your open hatch (if you have one) to make sure it will clear. If you have any questions on that call or email us at Rack Attack.

As long as your vehicle is equipt with the crossbars (side to side) then all of our cargo boxes will attach directly to the rack. If you have a rear hatch, make sure to measure how much room you have and compare to the box length to make sure the hatch won't hit the box when opening. If you don't have crossbars, you will first need to add those prior to adding in a cargo box.

If you drive an SUV or van, probably not. Be sure to measure the total height of the vehicle with the Thule 625 Force XL installed, and keep that information handy (on the inside of your sun visor is a great place). Running into your garage will, unfortunately, void the box's warranty.

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