Inno Wedge 665 Cargo Box - 14 Cubic Feet - White

Inno Wedge 665 White
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Rating of 4.5/5 on 2 reviews
Product Code: 9BRM665WH
Price: $629.99 USD

Old Price: $699.99
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 The Inno Wedge Boxes ship directly from the manufacturer, please allow 1 week delivery time.
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The Inno Wedge 665 White

Inno Cargo Box

This being the White version (also available in white), the 625 Inno Wedge cargo box has a 14 cubic foot capacity capable of holding 6 snowboards, 8 pairs of skis, or 3 surfboards.


  • Dual-side opening for easy accessibility.
  • Universal Mounting System attaches to nearly any crossbars.
  • Safety lock system for extra security.
  • Aerodynamic design reducing drag and wind noise.
  • Incorporated SPM technology for a stiffer, universally thick, box material resulting in less torque and stronger construction.
  • 13 cubic foot capacity.
  • Product Dimensions: 80" x 33" x 16" (weighs 52lbs).

Buying Notes

The Inno Wedge Boxes ship directly from the manufacturer, please allow 1 week delivery time.


Weight: 52lbs

Length (carton): 80"

Width (carton): 34"

Height (carton): 16"

UPC: 47998541672

Manufacturer: Inno

Manufacturer Part Number: BRM665WH

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Product Review of INNO Wedge BRM665: I tested the INNO Wedge BRM665 on a recent camping trip. The INNO Wedge BRM665 is roof cargo box that mounts to the crossbars of your vehicle. While INNO has a number of different products in the wedge series that offer a variety of different sizes the BRM665 provides an extra 14 cubic feet of cargo space. I've owned a couple of roof cargo boxes from other brands in the past, and after retiring my last cargo box was excited to get to test out the INNO. Strengths of the INNO BRM665: … It's Strength. Honestly this thing is STRONG. While manipulating the box off the roof it was vest stable with little to no flex or warping as I moved it around my garage or lifted it onto the car, making it very easy and predictable to handle. It's strength again was displayed once mounted on the roof where there was no pulling of the sidewalls or flex of the hood as I opened/closed the box, grabbed the side to reach in, or shut it down on compressible items inside. Functionality. There are some really smart and convenient features packed into this little box. Firstly it opens on both sides which was a total game changer. No longer did I have to climb up onto my car to reach something that had rolled to the opposite side of the box, I just walked around and accessed the opposite hatch. Secondly there are straps in the box to help hold your gear in place. I haven't seen this feature in any other boxes, but not hearing my stuff roll around in the box when it wasn't full as I took a turn was reassuring. Safety. This box has locks that are idiot proof. The key can only be removed from a keyhole when in the locked position. So you put your key in, turn to unlock, open the box, access your gear, close the box, and have to turn the key back to lock to remove it. At first I hated this feature. What if my keys are somewhere else and I want the box unlocked for quick loading and unloading? But during the trip I came to really like this feature. With my past boxes the key could be removed without locking the box. Sometimes I would be out on the trail or pulling onto the highway and think "man, I hope I remembered to lock the cargo box", no more! Quiet. The streamlined shape of the box was much MUCH quieter than my previous cargo boxes. No, it's not silent by any means. However, at highway speeds my previous boxes sounded like there was a tornado touching down on-top of my roof. The wedge however is hardly noticeable at street speeds and acceptably loud at highway speeds. Versatile. The memory mount system is amazing. My previous cargo boxes had fixed mounting positions which were fine on my Sequoia but interfered with the operation of the hatch on my Subaru. The INNO system mounts have a generous slot to adjust the positioning forward or rear allowing me to sit it further back on the Sequoia for easy access AND move it forward on my Subaru so the hatch could open all the way. On top of the adjustability the memory mount system makes it SUPER FAST to mount and unmount. Previous cargo boxes i've had typically take about 20 min to put on and about 10 min to remove. I was able to install and remove the INNO in about 2 minutes each. No more leaving the box on during the work week between camping trips for me! Size. The first thing I did when I got this box was stress test how much it could hold. I stuffed it with weeks worth of camping equipment, as many skis as I could pull down from the rafters in the garage (long enough to fit my 186cm Line SFB's), stoves, and at one point my 86# dog jumped in while it was on the ground. It's got capacity! Annoyances of the INNO BRM665: Weight. At over 50 pounds it's pretty heavy for a roof mounted cargo box. While I was able to install and remove it on my own my wife would not be able to do so and would require help. The weight made it a little squirrelly when lifting or lowering from overhead. During a stress test of the box I put everything I could find and just shoved it in there to see what it could hold. When closing the box the latch grabbed onto my sleeping bag stuff sack and tore it. Not a big deal but something I'll be watching out out for when packing the box in the future. The white top got pretty dirty pretty quickly on the trip from sand and salt and bugs. Maybe get the black one unless you want to scrub this thing clean to keep it looking tip top. Overall I loved the the wedge. It's by far the best roof cargo box i've ever owned and it's features make it super easy to use. The construction of the box seems to be very strong and I imagine even with heavy use this box will last many camping and skiing seasons until it taps out. Well done INNO! I give the INNO Wedge BRM665 4.75/5 stars.

2014 Subaru Impreza Sport 5dr


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions for this product. If you need more assistance you can email a rack-install technician, or call us at: 1-877-432-8301

As long as your vehicle is equipt with the crossbars (side to side) then all of our cargo boxes will attach directly to the rack. If you have a rear hatch, make sure to measure how much room you have and compare to the box length to make sure the hatch won't hit the box when opening. If you don't have crossbars, you will first need to add those prior to adding in a cargo box.

No! Any tools required for installing this rack product come included in the box!

If you drive an SUV or van, probably not. Be sure to measure the total height of the vehicle with the Inno Wedge 665 White installed, and keep that information handy (on the inside of your sun visor is a great place). Running into your garage will, unfortunately, void the box's warranty.

While the weight limit of your roof rack may differ, cargo boxes can hold up to 165 pounds.