Ford Focus 5DR Rack Installation Photos

The Ford Focus replaced the Ford Escort in 1998 as their line of compact sedans, coupes, hatchbacks and wagons in North America.

To find the best fitting rack for your Ford Focus 5DR choose one of the following:

Base Roof Rack Systems See all Base Roof Rack Systems

Base Rack Systems are the foundation to a dependable roof rack. All of the Base Roof Rack Systems brands we sell are dependable multi-purpose load carriers that allow you to mount bikes, skis, snowboards, kayaks, canoes, cargo, and more to your roof

Thule roof racks and Hullaport on 2015 Ford Focus 5DR
2017 Ford Focus ST customer tracks with Yakima Control towers, Landing pad 1, 40" Yakima Windshield and a Yakima Showcase 15.
Even though your car is a nice roomy hatch-back, sometimes you just need more space. So what do you do? Put a roof rack on your car! This is a Thule gutterless crossbar system ready to carry just about anything. This setup looks sharp and its also super easy to use!
Are you driving the chase rig for your racing team? No problem. We set up this Focus with four bike racks from Rocky Mounts, and enough Yakima wheel holders for six extra wheels!
This is a Yakima Baseline Roof rack with Silver 50 inch Jetstream bars on a 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback.
This is one of about 2700 US spec imported Ford Focus RS. We did a completely custom base rail, and mounted a Yakima aluminium crossbar system to it. Top it off with two RockyMounts bike racks and a Yakima ski carrier and this Ford is ready for anything!