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Finally an Adventure System as Flexible as You Are. Welcome the Yakima Exo System.

Finally an Adventure System as Flexible as You Are. Welcome the Yakima Exo System.

International and cross-border travel may be restricted for a while longer. Still, Yakima has come to the rescue with a brand new hitch system that will let you adventure and explore every corner of your home country, no matter what type of activity.  

The Yakima Exo System is here, and we are so excited to offer this to you!


The Yakima Exo System

The Yakima Exo System is a hitch-mounted, modular system that allows you to customize various accessories to meet your specific adventure or travel needs. 

The EXO system will fit any vehicle with a 2-inch hitch and offers several options for mounting the system accessories. This modularity allows users to attach and remove a variety of carriers and accessories. All EXO system parts are designed for outdoor use and the elements, so they are waterproof and lock for added security and safety. 

Using the SwingBase, the Exo system offers additional mounting options for various carriers including, the Cleat System, the EXO DoubleUp, and the TopShelf.  With 20 different EXO System configurations, these mounting options give users the flexibility to select accessories to create a system that not only works for them but can be changed out with the seasons or various activities and needs. 

Yakima EXO GearLocker

First, let’s start with the different mounting options. 


The Exo System

The foundation of the system is the EXO SwingBase, which mounts to any 2-inch hitch receiver. The SwingBase sits on a swing arm that levers toward the side of your vehicle to move the base and attachments away from the trunk, allowing unobstructed access to the hatch or tailgate of your vehicle.

The EXO TopShelf is another attachment that turns that EXO SwingBase into a double-decker rack. Easily add it to the SwingBase for two levels of gear storage; install a box or basket on the bottom and a bike or ski rack on top. If you’re not carrying a box or basket, the rack can also be mounted to the bottom shelf. The TopShelf also holds a ski/snowboard rack, making it much easier to load and unload than on top of your vehicle’s roof.

The Exo Cleat System is within the EXO modular system’s shelf; the groves allow for fast and easily interchangeable accessories such as gearboxes or the ski rack. The cleat system’s knobs turn to enable you to lock accessories into place quickly. 


The Exo System DoubleUp

The DoubleUp or the bike rack is another accessory configured in either the TopShelf or mounted on the SwingBase. The DoubleUp can accommodate two 50-pound bikes when mounted on the SwingBase and two 40-pound bikes when mounted on TopShelf. The EXO DoubleUp can accommodate up to a 4.8” tire and a maximum capacity of 100 pounds. 

Other Exo System Configurations 

With 20 configurations possible, finding one or a few to suit your needs is easy. The EXO system is designed for easy, tool-free installation, fast accessory changes and adaptability. 

The EXO Gear Locker storage box

The EXO GearLocker has the functionality of a rooftop cargo box but is positioned for easy access. It detaches, even loaded so that you can carry it to your campsite for watertight storage. It also means no unloading and reloading until you need something inside.

EXO GearLocker

The EXO GearTotes fit inside the GearLocker to keep things organized and from shifting around.  Gear totes are durable, collapsible, and dividable; they’re designed from ripstop nylon with a weight rating of up to 50 pounds so you can load everything from groceries to camping supplies.

  • Each box has 10 cubic feet of storage, the EXO TopShelfrage capacity. 
  • The EXO Gear Locker interior dimensions is 4.75ft x 1.5ft x 1.25ft.

The EXO System Warrior Wheels 

One of the most clever and popular EXO system parts is the WarriorWheels accessory. Unclip the WarriorBasket from the base shelf and clip it into its wheels to use as a wagon. Easily transport heavy, bulky stuff — like your Gear Warrior Basket, camping supplies, or your cooler. The WarriorWheels and handle attach while the basket is still on your base rack, so it can be dropped directly on the ground and moved without the fuss of unloading it first. 

The EXO LitKit

Keep your licence plates visible with the EXO LitKit. Mount it on the SwingBase, and it gives any vehicle taillights and license plate a mount where they’re most visible.

The EXO BackDeck

The EXO BackDeck is another impressive Yakima innovation. Mounted to the rack, the BackDeck becomes a work surface for anything from bike wrenching to food prep. And when it’s not in use, it can easily be stored inside your vehicle.


Tool-free accessory changes/installations - The swing base attaches into any 2-inch hitch, with a crank to lock the system in. The Cleat System is designed with groves and locking mechanisms to secure and change any EXO system accessory. 

The Snowbank

Yakima’s ski and snowboard rack attach simply by sliding into the cleat system and turning the knobs in to lock. The snowboard rack can be mounted on either the top or bottom cleat system.

EXO Warrior Basket 

The EXO Warrior Basket has its own set of accessories as well- The wheel kit and handle lift into the cleat system and lock into place by turning the knobs