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2019 Best Ski and Snowboard Racks

2019 Best Ski and Snowboard Racks

With winter here, and ski hills opening up across the country, it’s time to make sure you can get your gear on your car and safely to the hill.

The concept of the rooftop ski rack hasn’t changed much in the last decade, but the racks have gotten much easier to use. This year in 2019 we’re seeing an emphasis on universal mounting hardware and ease-of-access. Below is a dicussion of this year's best ski racks. For more on this topic, make sure you check out our post on how to choose the Best Ski or Board Rack for your Car. 

The Easiest Racks to Load – The Thule Snowpack Extender & Kuat Grip

Thule Snowpack Extender Ski & Snowboard Rack The Thule 7325 SnowPack Extender is similar to the SnowPack 6 roof mounted ski and snowboard carrier, carrying up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, but with the ability to extend past your vehicle's doors for easy loading and unloading.
FROM: $449.95

Thule’s Snowpack line is an exceptional ski/board rack, new in 2017, this remains a top option for the 2019 season. The design is based on Thule’s “Flat Top” carriers and simply builds upon the proven functionality. It has everything every other top quality ski rack has, such as: mitten friendly button, included locks, and quick mounting/tools free hardware. All racks in the Snowpack line come with Thule’s new Universal SpeedLink mounting hardware, and T-Slot hardware for use with wingbars, aeroblades and other bars with T-slots. On top of it being easy to use, these racks will mount to just about any cross bar in the world.

Where the Extender differs is the rack's ability to extend/slide sideways to overhang the roof of your vehicle, so you can load your gear without leaning up against your car! This feature was previously available in the Thule PullTop ski rack; the Extender puts it together with the premium SnowPack features to give you one of the most convenient ski racks on the market. New for 2019, the Extender will also be available in Black. 

Kuat Grip The Kuat Grip 6 Ski Rack has real capacity for up to 6 sets of large skis or 4 snowboards, the GRIP has more than enough room to bring the crew along for the ride.
FROM: $429.00

Kuat's Grip 6 entered the scene towards the end of last year's ski season and is another great option for those looking for the easiest way to lead thier gear. Like everything else on this list, the Grip will carry six sets of skis or four snowboards. The Grip comes with very quick to use Flip Mount Hardware that comes off in seconds (once unlocked!). There is also optional T-bolt hardware available for those bars with T-slots. The Grip comes in Black, Gray or Pearl and has one of the easiest to open designs, with an oversized, mitten-friendly handle! 


The Most Aerodynamic Ski Rack: The Yakima FatCat 6 Evo

Yakima FatCat Evo Ski & Snowboard Rack The Yakima FatCat 6 Evo is the top-of-the-line snow rack that features great aerodynamics, locks for complete security, and now comes in a premium mirror black finish. The Yakima FatCat 6 can easily handle 6 pairs of fatty skis or 4 snowboards.
FROM: $328.95 $329.00

Yakima’s premium ski rack is the newest version of their FatCat line. The Evo comes in black or silver and is the most aerodynamic and best-looking ski rack on the market.

It has pretty much every feature you can think of (other than extending over your vehicle, like the SnowPack Extender or Kuat Grip): universal mounting hardware, locks and mitten friendly button. Added bonus, the FatCat comes with an integrated lift kit, to angle the rack away from your vehicle for boards with larger bindings. 


The Best Ski Rack for the Money: The Thule 91725U 

Thule 91725 Universal Ski & Snowboard Rack Thule has upgraded the Thule 725 rooftop snowsport carrier, one of their best selling ski and snowboard carriers, to the Thule 91725U rooftop snowsport carrier which now includes universal mounting hardware and locks.

If your biggest deciding factor for a ski rack is price, then take a look at the Thule 91725U. The Thule is essentially a previous design model, which the SnowPack is based on, with universal mounting hardware. The design looks and feels a little dated, but the functionality is there: it does what you want it to, is reliable, and best of all it’s affordable. The biggest downside is the mounting hardware, each bracket has two security bolts, so it's a bit more work to take the rack on and off the vehicle. 


Cargo Boxes

No discussion of ski racks is complete without including cargo boxes. These versatile options not only protect your skis and boards from the elements but allow you to keep all your wet winter gear out of the car!

Thule and Yakima both make great options that we discuss in how to choose the Best Ski or Board Rack for your Car. 

Thule's newest premium addition for 2019 is the Vector Alpine. Available in Black or Titan, the Vector Alpine has a reinforced lid, and includes integrated lighting and a felt-lined based. The Vector has extremely easy to use clamps that will fit to virtually any roof rack, is fully locking and opens from both sides. The Alpine adds 14" to the height of your car. 

Thule Vector A cargo box like no other that perfectly pairs performance styling with premium features.
FROM: $1,599.95

Another great low profile ski box is the Thule Motion XT Alpine Black.  The Alpine is long enough to carry 215cm skis, and is 13.25" tall. Like the Vector, it is fully locking, opens from both sides, and has universal hardware.   

Thule Motion XT The Thule Motion Alpine Black is premium low-profile black cargo box perfect for skis and boards. The Motion line is Thule's premium cargo box offering the best features and design available in rooftop boxes.
FROM: $849.95

Yakima also makes a great low profile option with their Lo Carbonite. At 11.5", it is one of the lowest profile options available. Like the Thule, it is fully locking, opens from both sides, and has universal hardware.   

Yakima Skybox Cargo Box The ultra-premium multi-sport Yakima SkyBox Lo Carbonite features a Carbonite dimpled texture surface that slices through the air and looks great. The Yakima SkyBox Lo Carbonite offers 15 cubic feet of storage space making your vehicle feel bigger.
FROM: $649.00

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