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"Summer Is Coming" Sale

Summer is just around the corner and it's time to gear up for your favorite hobbies. If you want to go further than your legs will take you, grab a rack and discover new exciting spots for your bikes, kayaks, tents, pets, and kids. Let's navigate through our "Summer Is Coming" sale together.

What brands are on sale?

We got your usual suspects all lined up and ready to go. Enjoy the savings on all the brands you care about!

Thule Sale

Even if you don't know how to pronounce the name (it's TOO LEE), you probably know and trust the brand that's been around since 1942. With 70% of their products made in North America, you can be confident that the fit we suggest will be perfect for your needs.

  • When? May 17 - May 27
  • What? All products (cargo boxes on sale in-store only)

Top selling Thule rack

Thule T2 Pro XT Black - 2 Bike 2 Inch

Thule T2 Pro XT Black - 2 Bike 2 Inch

The upgrade from the previous model, the T2 Pro XT is Thule's premium platform hitch bike rack, and possibly the easiest way to carry bikes behind your car. This rack for 2 inch hitches only.

$478.95 $599.95

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Yakima Sale

Based in the Pacific Northwest (it's where our story started as well!), Yakima will give you the confidence to do things you want, your way, without having to worry about your gear. We'll make sure you get the very best fit for your vehicle.

  • When? May 17 - May 27
  • What? All products (cargo boxes on sale in-store only)

Yakima FrontLoader

Yakima FrontLoader

The Yakima FrontLoader fits to multiple types of crossbars. FrontLoader is the most versatile bike rack ever. Bikes stay vertical as they roll onto the rack for quick and easy loading. Best-in-class consumer-focused design and security.

$167.20 $209.00

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RockyMounts Sale

Made with the spirit of Colorado, RockyMounts will not disappoint the most avid bicyclists, skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor adventurers. Have a look at their full lineup that will help you transport your gear to your next favorite spot.

  • When? May 16 - May 31
  • What? All products

Browse RockyMounts products on sale

Saris Sale

Saris believes no car is complete without a bike rack and we couldn't agree more. Check out the promotional pricing for their Freedom and Glide bike racks.

  • When? May 17 - May 27
  • What? Freedom 2 & 4, Glide 2, 4 & 5

Browse Saris products on sale

How do I choose a bike rack for a car?

Feeling a bit lost among all the options? We put together a friendly guide that will help you choose the best fit.

What bike rack fits my car?

Which cargo box is the best?

That's a very good question that entirely depends on your car and your needs. We prepared another helpful post to guide you through the process.

What cargo box fits my car?

What if I want to see the products or need help with the installation?

Easy, you can drop by any of our 17 stores across North America. All the promotional pricing is available in all our stores, with the sale extending to cargo boxes as well. We also do custom installs or hitch installations.

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